Saturday, July 02, 2016
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Israel vows more settlements amid West Bank violence Israeli leaders call for expansion of settlements in West Bank as two Palestinians and an Israeli killed on Friday.
Gunmen hit restaurant in diplomatic area of Dhaka ISIL claims responsibility for hostage situation and shooting reported in Gulshan area of the Bangladeshi capital.
Thousands rally in Iran on al-Quds day Tens of thousands of Iranians march in Tehran alone, condemning the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.
Court overturns result of Austrian election Constitutional court says vote that narrowly defeated far-right candidate must be held again owing to irregularities.

Paul Ryan’s Economic Plan

Paul RyanSome Americans have decided that Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a “moderate” who might have a restraining effect on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. This might be because Ryan’s language is less combative and contentious than Trump’s. But this is dangerously misleading, for the Speaker’s apparent moderation is an illusion.



Revolution Isn’t Repetitive Evolution, Bernie

Bernie SandersBack in 1968, as Richard Nixon was stealing the White House from Hubert Humphrey, courtesy of southern bigot George Wallace, you were settling in Vermont hoping for a start in a political career; and I, too, was starting a business career after receiving an MBA diploma from UCLA. Quite a year that 1968, not just for us but for our country; a nation divided thanks to an ongoing war in Vietnam, and two iconic men assassinated in barely two months: Martin Luther King, Jr. (April 4) and Robert Kennedy (June 6).




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When Did America’s Obsession with Islam Begin?

Discussions and debate about Islam are all over America. Islam is not only a central issue in the presidential race, it is also the subject of endless discussions within the mainstream media, the educational establishment, and, of course, the Internet.

Heading Toward Global Autocracy, Ecological Collapse, Political Malaise

What follows are preliminary reactions to both the BREXIT vote and the world according to Trump, but also a commentary on the related alienation of large segments of the public that are being badly served by both the established elites and their demagogic adversaries.

Brexit: Which Kind of Dependence Now?

Is Brexit a move toward British independence? Some Leave and Remain partisans may believe so, differing only over whether that's good or bad.

Lies, damned lies and the nuclear industry!

Three important nuclear power events occurred in the past seven days -- one in Nebraska and two in California -- which together show just how doomed and unworkable nuclear power really is.

On Barak - the Optimist's View

The Second Coming?

Suddenly, a familiar face, almost forgotten, appeared on the TV screen. Well, not entirely familiar, because it now sports a prominent black beard. (If I were he, I would quickly shave it off.)

Brits opted for Brexit! What comes next?

The morning after the leave decision in the United Kingdom, the non-elected functionaries of the European Union are dismayed and panic-stricken. The people of Great Britain have spoken and David Cameron, the Prime Minister, is going to resign in the fall.



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Israeli MPs try to assault Haneen Zoabi

by Jonathan Cook

This 9-minute video, showing Israeli Jewish MPs’ reaction to a speech by Haneen Zoabi yesterday, offers a very revealing insight into how Israel’s tribal democracy works. And it isn’t pretty.

The Donzi Scheme

Donald Trump likes to brag he’s not a politician. And he’s not; he’s a hustler, a scam artist, a grifter, a modern day PT Barnum who deserves congratulations for running the ultimate con on the American people. He’s a carnie with a glob of inedible cotton candy on his head.

DEA Tyranny in Colorado and Washington

Although Colorado and Washington have legalized the sale and possession of marijuana for recreational purposes, possession and distribution of the drug remain a crime under federal law.

Brexit and Jewish Oligarchy

Yesterday Britain voted to leave the EU. The causes of this result have been known for a while. More than half of the Brits are dismayed by the level of immigration, multiculturalism, lack of job opportunities, global capitalism, evaporation of manufacturing and a housing bubble that leaves most young Brits without the prospect of a decent future.

Brexit: The night the UK became a little island

For those who voted to Remain, the result was akin to having your identity mugged, but can we now make a better Britain?

Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief Prefers ISIS to Assad in Syria

Israel actively supports ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, supplying them with weapons, munitions, foodstuffs and medical treatment for their wounded fighters - along with bombing Syrian targets at its discretion.



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