Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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#Turkey denies targeting Kurdish forces in Syria Reports of shelling of YPG-held villages across border "being investigated" amid Turkish offensive against PKK and ISIL.
Attack in India's Punjab ends with deaths At least 10 people killed in district near border with Pakistan after three attackers storm bus and police station.
Obama urges #Ethiopia to end crackdown on opposition US president, after meeting PM Hailemariam, says political inclusion makes a country "stronger and more successful".
'Girl aged 10' used in bombing in Nigeria's Damaturu Police say explosives carried by girl detonated in crowded market, killing at least 19 people and wounding dozens.

Alliance Blackmail: Israel’s Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Michael OrenThe Vienna Agreement [formally labeled by diplospeak as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)] reached by the P5 + 1 on July 14, 2015 has been aptly hailed as a political breakthrough, not only because it calms regional worries about Iran’s nuclear program, but more so because it has the potential to remove an ugly dimension of conflict from the regional turmoil in the Middle East.



Trumping Political Success through an Irate Silent Majority

Donald TrumpFour years ago Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga rebirthed the musical-cicada of the 1937 song, “The Lady Is a Tramp”… which makes me think that maybe we could be facing in 2016 a re-enactment of the 1968 presidential election, this time Donald Trump taking the role of George Wallace; a political musical that could appropriately be given the lyrical title, “The Politician Is a Trump.”




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A traffic jam in the middle of the desert

by Adam Keller

The rendezvous was scheduled for 11:30 am, outside the Arlozorov Street Railway Station in Tel Aviv. I arrived at 11:35. "Three buses have already been filled, but don’t worry – the fourth bus will soon arrive" said the organizers’ representative. "There will be a place for anyone who wants to go to the protest in Susiya."

Sheldon's Stooges

In Japan in the good old days, Benjamin Netanyahu would by now have committed hara-kiri. In England at that time, the monarch would have appointed him governor of the most remote little island in the Pacific Ocean.

Education: Time for a New Purpose

Given the catalogue of calamities raging round the world, one could be forgiven for concluding that we are a civilisation in terminal decline. The socio-economic system, which promotes negative divisive ideals, dominates all areas of life and is the cause of much of our difficulties.

No 'Compensation' to Israel for Iran Deal

InThe Joys of Yiddish, Leo Rosten defined chutzpah as "that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan." Today we have a new paradigm for chutzpah: the Israeli government's demand for "compensation" from the American taxpayers for the...

Life and Death

by Adam Keller

Sharon Gal is the latest among the long string of Israeli journalists who moved over to a political career. Immediately upon being elected to the Knesset he found a convenient hobby horse to ride – the call for introducing the death penalty for Palestinians "terrorists".

Avnery: The Treaty

And what if the whole drama was only an exercise of deception? What if the wily Persians did not even dream of building an atomic bomb, but used the threat to further their real aims?



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Was Donald Trump Right About John McCain?

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump set off a firestorm within the conservative community by suggesting that former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain shouldn’t be considered a war hero just for being captured during the Vietnam War. Apparently Trump has survived the firestorm because he’s still topping the Republican polls.

Cleveland Police Attack Black Activists

Blacks know Jim Crow remains virulent in America - 1960s civil rights laws did nothing to curb police brutality largely against Black and Brown people. On Friday through Sunday, hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists from around the country met in Cleveland for the inaugural Movement for Black Lives convention.

Maldivian Society and Culture

by Ms. Dunya Maumoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Maldives

On 26 July 2015, Maldives is celebrating the Jubilee of Independence. Fifty years ago, Maldives was principally reliant on the fishing industry and advice was given to the Government not to develop the tourism sector but rather focus on the shipping industry. Had Maldives followed that advice,...

Much To Do About Nothing Over El Chapo

Not surprisingly, U.S. officials are hopping mad over the prison escape in Mexico of notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman, also known as El Chapo. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is especially upset since it had high hopes of having El Chapo extradited to the United States to serve out a long jail sentence for drug-law violations. DEA Deputy Administrator Jack Riley declared,...

Unaccountable Killer Cops in America

US streets in minority communities are battlegrounds. The good news is more police killings make headlines though nowhere near as many warranted. Justifiable public anger is noticeably more visible.

Rumpus Trumpus Chumpus

For all those bemoaning the lack of noise in the Republican presidential sweepstakes it’s time to get down on our knees and give thanks to Donald Trump because whatever that man touches turns to loud. He’s the gift that keeps on blaring. Has all the delicate innuendo of concrete curtain rods. Not just a loose cannon, more like a  loose aircraft carrier.



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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