Wednesday, July 01, 2015
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More than 110 killed in Indonesian military plane crash Reports say all 113 people killed on board air force plane that crashed in Medan, while three others died on the ground.
Egypt's Sisi to rename Rabaa Square after slain Barakat President to name square where at least 800 Brotherhood supporters were killed by army in 2013 after state prosecutor.
Greek PM makes plea to voters as debt deadline nears Tsipras asks voters to reject austerity proposals offered by creditors as thousands of his supporters rally in Athens.
#Israel deports #Tunisia ex-president over #Gaza flotilla Israel expels Moncef Marzouki and an EU parliament member after they took part in a flotilla trying to break blockade.

Divine Time Import

John C. HageePrior to the 18th century - that is prior to the Enlightenment - if you had asked a literate Westerner when he or she thought the most ideal of human societies did or would exist, most of them would have located that society in the past. The religious majority might have placed it in the biblical age of Solomon or the early Christian communities of the 1st century after Christ. Both would have been considered divinely inspired times.



Foreign Policy Coup: De-Americanization of World’s Conflicts

AmericanizationSome American politicians occasionally remind us that the US should not try to be the world’s policeman; but after having listened to that save-our-blood-and-treasure cry, a sort of pretend-excuse aired time and time again for decades, I’m thoroughly convinced that it is just the occasional fake outcry; that imperialism reigns uniformly supreme in good old US of A throughout our monolithic, bipartite government and, unfortunately, the lion’s share of our politically-sedated population. It would be difficult to dispute Americans don’t relish the feeling of world dominance just as citizens of past empires have from time immemorial.




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The Globalization of War. America's 'Long War' against Humanity

The world is on a brink of America's instigated wars against all countries that would not succumb to political pressure by the U. S. Empire. This "globalization of war"-doctrine is, according to Michel Chossudovsky, professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) in Montreal, Canada, the centerpiece of America's hegemonic project in order...

Avnery: War Crimes? Us???

“War is Hell!” the US general George Patton famously exclaimed. War is the business of killing the “enemy”, in order to impose your will on them. Therefore, “humane war” is an oxymoron.

Israel's PR gaffes expose its racist atmosphere

by Rachel Shabi

This isn't an attempt to compile a "most racist" scorecard of nations. But the offensive tweet posted by Judy Shalom Nir Mozes last week is not a million miles away from the sort of comments you hear in everyday conversation within Israel, all the time.

Dissolve NATO Before it's too Late

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a war-prone institution that poses the biggest threat to world peace. Since the disappearance of the Soviet Union, which turns out to be the greatest disaster for the stability of the international system, NATO expansionism and aggression is rampant. Although NATO was established to contain the Soviet Union, in reality, however,...

Palmyra Update: What will remain after Eid al-Fitr?

The Muslim religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr, also known as the “Feast of the breaking of the Fast” marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and is the single day during on which Muslims are not permitted to fast. Muslims celebrate the end of fasting and thank Allah for divine help with their 29 or 30 days long act of self-control.

The Drone Eats with Me

Diaries from a City under Fire
by Vacy Vlazna

“We prepare the suhoor. We all sit around five dishes: white cheese, hummus, orange jam, yellow cheese, and olives. Darkness eats with us. Fear and anxiety eat with us. The unknown eats with us. The F16 eats with us. The drone and its operator somewhere out in Israel, eat with us.”



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Netanyahu's Statement Following His Latest Bandit Act

Israeli commandos lawlessly interdicting the Swedish Marianne Ship to Gaza humanitarian mission in international waters - a blatant act of high-seas piracy, never justifiable for any reason despite Israeli claims otherwise.

Leaked US-Led Iranian Nuclear Deal

On June 25, AP News headlined "Iran would get nuclear help in proposed deal." Ahead of a June 30 deadline likely to extend into July, AP reported obtaining a leaked document offering so-called US concessions claiming aid for Iran's nuclear industry.

House of Commons Parliamentary Debate: ‘Bangladesh’

Bangladesh has been a focus of attention of the international community for some time. On 30 April 2015 the US Congressional Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific held a hearing on ‘Bangladesh’s Fracture: Political and Religious Extremism.

America Going, (Going, Gone!) To The Dogs (Of War)

"States Confront Cavernous Holes In Their Budgets" The New York Times headlined in a front page report June 8, 2015.

Reporter Julie Bosman described the exasperation of governors unable to provide traditional public services: Wisconsin, short by $280 million; Kansas, short by $400 million; Alabama, short by $702 million; Louisiana, short by $1.6 billion; Illinois, short...

Red Pope Green Pope

He gets under their skin like termites in a boathouse. Drives them crazier than Hillary Clinton and Yoko Ono dancing on a gay pride parade float. He’s the itch you can’t scratch. The thorn in the palm of their paw. The 3- inch scratch on their favorite Ted Nugent album. Talking about that hot new Catholic sensation, Pope Frankie.

Advisory Council rejects Qatar labour reform

by James M. Dorsey

Revived controversy over the integrity of Qatar's successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup and persistent criticism of the conditions of migrant labour in the Gulf state appear to have stiffened Qatar's back as it responds to attacks on multiple fronts, including judicial inquiries in Switzerland and the United States, the media, and United Nations...



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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