Monday, January 23, 2017
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2016.11.09 05:58:33

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:50:41

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:49:21

Nothing free at the Hillary Clinton shop except delivery when you spend more than $30. Those t-shirts also come in handy if your name begins with H.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:41:52

It might be a bit too late for tonight but if you want to take a chance on Trump winning, Make America Great Again baseball caps are free with orders of $75 or more at the Donald Trump store.

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2016.11.09 05:37:31

The big question is whether he will accept the result if he loses. The Republican nominee has previously said he would only accept the outcome of the election if he wins and has accused his rival Hillary Clinton of trying to rig the vote.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:35:56

"I voted for Hillary. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter in the primaries, but there was no question in my mind that I would support Hillary if she won the Democratic nomination. Although I have trouble with elements of her foreign policy, as well as her ties to Wall Street, I support most of her platform, and I deeply appreciate her long life of service. Also, there is just no way I could stand by and let Trump get the presidency. He operates in fascist, violent rhetoric, has zero political experience and is a crass embarrassment. Hillary is ultra-qualified for the presidency and I'm with her."

Nancy Stockdale, history professor, 45, Denton, Texas

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:34:02

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:32:39

In a sign of how important this election is to Clinton, the Democratic candidate is still calling on supporters to put in calls to their friends to encourage them to vote.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:29:32

That's according to the Slate Turnout Tracker.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:26:38

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:25:05

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:23:40

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:21:41

It's hard to tell whether these are harmless pranks or something more sinister, but for the record, everyone votes on the same day.

There wouldn't be much point in secret ballots if votes for different candidates were cast on different days.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:19:45

The Clinton campaign has been courting celebrities in recent weeks: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and now Rihanna have given the Democratic nominee their backing.

But do fans care who their idols will vote for? If there are any pollsters out there with time on their hands after the elections, here's a free one.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 05:17:38

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 04:26:28

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 04:24:55

Are they laughing at him or with him? This is in Manhattan, New York City: Democrat territory.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 04:23:25

These men and women are leaving 'I voted' stickers on the grave of feminist Susan B.Anthony, who campaigned to give women the vote in the US.

Anthony died 18 years before the US constitution was amended to ensure universal suffrage.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 04:21:22

He's largely been shunned by mainstream Western politicians, eager not to be seen approving of his controversial message, but Trump has at least one enthusiastic fan in Australia.

As Jason Wilson writes in the Guardian, many Australians are worried about a right wing surge in their own country.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 04:18:42

This video is causing a bit of a stir on Twitter but not because it offers any actual evidence of voter fraud, as some of the replies point out.

  US Elections 2016
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