Thursday, July 31, 2014
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2014.07.31 10:06:20

Palestinian Death toll in Gaza:

The Gaza Health Ministry announced that the death toll in Gaza is now 1361 killed and more than 6780 were injured since the start of Israel’s Protective Edge offensive.

According to the Health Ministry:

Out of the killed

315  Children

166 Females

58 Elderly

Out of the injured

2307 Children

1529 Females

287 Elderly

According to the Israeli military, the Israeli death toll is as follows:

59 have been killed in Israel so far, including:

55 Israeli soldiers

1 Israeli soldier "killed in action whose burial site is unknown"

2 Israeli civilians

1 Thai citizen working in Israel was also killed.

The Palestinian Death toll OUTSIDE of Gaza of those killed in clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli army/police in Jerusalem/West Bank:

13 Palestinians were killed and at least 577 have been injured. At least 388 of them have been injured from live ammunition, according to sources on the ground.

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2014.07.31 10:02:44

The European Union has imposed an asset freeze and travel ban against two close associates of President Vladimir Putin, also the leading shareholders in Bank Rossiya servicing senior Russian officials.

The EU's Official Journal listed on Wednesday eight people and three firms hit by an asset freeze and travel ban over the Ukraine crisis, including Yuriy Valentinovich Kovalchuk, chairman and leading shareholder of the bank, and Nicolay Terentievich Shamalov, second largest stakeholder in the institution considered the personal bank of senior Russian Federation officials. [AFP]

  Ukraine | Russia | European Union
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2014.07.31 10:01:44

Gaza: power plant destroyed, electricity and water supplies collapse

  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 05:37:37

CNN reported Wednesday that the United States has agreed to an Israeli request for several types of ammunition as the ground battle in Gaza is entering its third week.

According to CNN, the items being bought are 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. Those will come from a stockpile the United States keeps in Israel, which is worth more than $1 billion, officials said.

It’s not an emergency sale, a U.S. defense official told CNN.

  Gaza | Israel | United States
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2014.07.31 05:35:45

Bolivia cancels its visa agreement with Israel to protest the military operation in Gaza, and declares Israel a "terrorist state," AFP reports.

The agreement has permitted Israel to visit Bolivia freely since 1972. "The attack on Gaza shows that Israel has no respect for life, or the principles of harmony and coexistence that guide the international community." Bolivia canceled its diplomatic ties with Israel in 2009, during Operation Cast Lead. (Haaretz)

  Gaza | Israel | Bolivia
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2014.07.31 03:01:11

Ban Ki-moon on Israel bombing UN school sheltering civilians last night:

"Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children."

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2014.07.31 02:59:52

From Mohammed Omer, at Shifa hospital, which received scores of casualties from the market bombing this afternoon. Apology for the typo in Crescent.

Palestinian Red Cresent teams arrive every few minutes with new victims, one of the medics says most of those injured had lost body parts due to direct artillery shelling.

One of the survivors saida: "When rescue teams and ambulances arrived to the location, than Israeli tank shells continue to hit new locations, causing more victims".

Shifa hospital is unable to cope, while hundreds of people are at the gate of Al-Quds hospital in Tal al-Hawwa, just next to an UNRWA school which became shelter for people from Shujayea.

  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 02:57:39

The US has condemned the bombing of the UN school this morning, but stopped short of blaming Israel. The UN is in no doubt, based on its investigations, that Israeli shells hit the school in Jabaliya, which was being used by 3,300 internal refugees.

  Gaza | Israel | United States
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2014.07.31 02:56:30

According to Israel's state radio, the country's security cabinet has finished its meeting that lasted several hours to assess the situation and made decisions for the next stages of the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip.

There has been no official statement at the end of the session, however, political sources made it clear that the cabinet has instructed the Israeli Army to continue its severe attacks against Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza and to complete neutralizing the tunnels leading to Gaza, the radio said.  

The sources added that the Israeli army will continue to pursue a policy of setting up humanitarian ceasefire for specific periods in areas that are free of fighting without endangering the lives of soldiers at risk or to stop the destruction of the tunnels, the radio added.

  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 02:55:12

Israeli army has said that its soldiers detonated the route of a tunnel in the Gaza Strip.

According to the statement, the soldiers also uncovered several additional tunnel access points and identified two fighters emerging from one of them.

"Upon identification, the soldiers engaged and killed [them]," the statement said.

The statement also said that a group later fired an anti-tank missile at soldiers, injuring two of them.

“Israel Air Forces aircraft targeted the squad. Hits were confirmed. Additionally, the aircraft targeted a squad of over five who were planting a concealed explosive device in the southern Gaza Strip,” it said.

  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 02:53:45

At least 15 people have been killed and another 150 people wounded in an Israeli air strike on a market near Gaza City, medics have told the AFP news agency.

Emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qedra said the strike hit a busy market in the battered Shejaiya neighborhood, which lies between Gaza City and the Israeli border.

The strike came shortly after the Israeli army said it was observing a humanitarian lull that would be in force for four hours from midday GMT, 3pm local time.

But it said the lull would not apply in areas where troops were "currently operating" in a move denounced as a publicity stunt by Hamas.

  Gaza | Israel | Hamas
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2014.07.31 02:37:01

"It's beyond belief in the 21st century that children, women and civilian men can be targeted.

"Palestinians have had every right taken from them, including the right to live. It's an abomination, a barbarity."

- Christopher Gunness, UNRWA, on Wednesday's bombing of a UN school in Gaza

  Gaza | Israel | UNRWA
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2014.07.31 02:35:25

The leaders of the world's major developed economies condemned Russia for destabilizing Ukraine and warned it faces still tougher sanctions if it does not change course.

"Russia still has the opportunity to choose the path of de-escalation, which would lead to the removal of these sanctions," the G7 powers said on Wednesday, in a joint statement released by the White House.

"If it does not do so, however, we remain ready to further intensify the costs of its adverse actions." [AFP]

  Ukraine | Russia | G7
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2014.07.31 02:34:26

Valerie Amos , the under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, has made the following statement on the Israeli shelling of UN school on Wednesday:

"I am alarmed at the intensity of the violence in Gaza after a brief humanitarian ceasefire. Today another UN school serving as a shelter has been hit in gross violation of international law. More children, civilians killed and injured. Yesterday, the UNSCO/UNOCHA Headquarters in Gaza was hit five times over a period between 1 am and 2 am Gaza’s sole power plant was also hit and is unlikely to be operable for the foreseeable future leaving most homes with an average of 2 hours of electricity per day.

She also said:

"The harrowing pictures we see every day are a reminder to us all of the terrifying ordeal being suffered by children and families in Gaza. Communities coming under rocket fire in Israel are also fearful. Protecting civilians caught in the middle of this violence remains a priority for humanitarian agencies. But we can't end the brutal conflict that continues to claim so many civilian lives in Gaza. I hope that all those with influence over the parties involved in this conflict will continue to do their utmost to agree on a lasting ceasefire and bring this conflict to an end. Let's put people first."

  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 02:33:00

The number of Russian troops and weaponry along the border with Ukraine is increasing and is "well over 12,000", NATO military commander General Philip Breedlove said.

"We watch the materials move from inside the central military district in Russia to the area of Rostov, where they are assembled, then meet, train, and move towards the border and we see them across the border," he told reporters on Wednesday at Pristina airport after visiting NATO troops in Kosovo.

  Ukraine | Russia
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2014.07.31 02:31:24

Israeli holiday makers were evacuated from their Maldivian resort after one of them tore up an anti-Israeli placard equating the Nazi Swastika to the Israeli flag, an official has said.

Some 30 Israeli surfers were moved out to safety from Thulusdhoo island, near the capital island Male, as residents of the overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim archipelago protested the pulling down of anti-Israeli placards.

Tensions rose after an Israeli man tore down the placard daubed with a Swastika which had been pinned to a coconut tree.

An official at the president's office, Mohamed Shareef, said they evacuated the tourists for their own safety. He said Israelis were not banned from entering the archipelago, better known for its upmarket tourism, but the Maldives was bitter with Israel over the violence going on in Gaza.


  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 02:29:44

While most of Europe decided to go along with sanctions against Russia, the Czech Republic has expressed its opposition to broader economic sanctions move.

In a Reuters report, the Czech government said the sanctions should not hurt its economy, which is still recovering from a recession.  

"Neither for the European Union, nor for Russia, is it favorable to get into a drawn out trade war and that some new economic and political Iron Curtain appears on Ukraine's eastern border," the statement quoted Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

Czech exports to Russia last year came to $5.67bn - or 3.7 percent of the total - and imports accounted for 5.5 percent of the total. [Reuters]

  Ukraine | Russia | Czech Republic
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2014.07.31 02:24:54

The Israeli army says it has authorized a temporary window for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The proposed window commenced today for four hours between 12:00 and 16:00 GMT (3pm and 7pm Gaza time.)

The army said the window would not apply to the areas in which its soldiers were operating.

The temporary truce doesn’t include Beit Hanoun, Shujayea and Khan Younis

  Gaza | Israel
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2014.07.31 02:23:30

"Obama will go down in history not as a peacemaker, everyone has already forgotten about his Nobel Peace Prize, but as a US president who started a new Cold War."

Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the foreign affairs committee at the Russian parliament's lower house, writing on Twitter.

  Ukraine | Russia | United States | Barack Obama
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2014.07.31 02:21:55

The Israeli military, in an initial response to the killing of 19 Palestinians in a United Nations-run school in Gaza, said fighters near the facility had fired mortar bombs and Israeli forces had shot back.

"Earlier this morning, militants fired mortar shells at (Israeli) soldiers from the vicinity of the UNRWA school in Jebalya (refugee camp). In response, soldiers fired towards the origins of fire, and we're still reviewing the incident," a military spokeswoman said.

A UN official said 19 people in the school were killed when five Israeli tank shells hit it.


  Gaza | Israel | UNRWA
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