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2016.11.10 01:28:35

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.10 01:26:42

US leadership is essential in facing up to new security challenges, NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said as he congratulated Trump on his victory.

"We face a challenging new security environment, including hybrid warfare, cyberattacks, the threat of terrorism. US leadership is as important as ever," Stoltenberg said. "I look forward to working with President-elect Trump," he added.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.10 00:55:28

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.10 00:35:39

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.10 00:04:43

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.10 00:01:25

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 15:36:03

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 15:33:01

Emotions are high at the White House as hundreds, mainly young people, gather to react to this year's election results.

Members of United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the US, chanted "undocumented, unafraid" as they stood outside the home of the next president.

Members of United We Dream

Other young voters said they support the winner and electoral system, regardless who wins the presidency.

United We Dream

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 15:27:12

"She is not done yet," Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta tells the crowds in New York before telling them to go home. There will be no concession speech tonight.

"Every vote should count. Several states are too close to call. So we're not going to have anything more to say tonight."

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 15:26:11

Translation: Congratulations to the new President of the United States Donald Trump and the free American people

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 14:23:08

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 14:21:44

"And remember: no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning and America will still be the greatest nation on earth."

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 14:05:20

The perils of following events like this election on social media.

The tweet was posted by a British troll account known for spreading false information during high profile events.

Here's more about the people/person behind the account.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 14:03:15

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 14:02:02

They were very wrong about the British general election in 2015.

They were very wrong about Brexit.

And it seems like they were wrong about Trump's performance during the US election.

There's no doubt they'll be asking themselves the above question tomorrow morning.

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2016.11.09 14:00:47

Damning from the ambassador of the United State's oldest ally.

France also faces the possibility of a far-right president; Marine Le Pen has endorsed Trump and is leading in polls heading towards next year's presidential election.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 13:03:43

Standing outside a bar in Dallas, Texas, Jared Hodge, a 30-year-old financial analyst, says he has "no regrets" about not voting for Clinton despite the likely Trump victory. He would have been disappointed by the outcome of the elections either way, he says.

Explaining that he voted Green Party and Libertarian Party for most slots, Hodge wrote in "Giant Meteor" in the presidential slot.

"I grew up in a black Democratic household, but I don't feel [the Democrats] have done anything for me," he said, explaining that he had hoped to cast his vote for self-described socialist Bernie Sanders until that candidate withdrew and threw his weight behind Clinton.

Hodge, who describes himself as a progressive, said that Trump has changed the country: "Trump has galvanised a movement that can't be made to feel shame [for racism and sexism]".

"There has to be a real third party next time," he said. "Meanwhile, real change is taking place on the ground with grassroots movements."

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 13:02:12

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 12:28:10

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 12:22:55

The New York Times' live forecast now gives Trump 48.7% in Michigan and Clinton 46.9%.
Valdave Penny, who works as a driver, says he’s voting for Clinton because he doesn't like the alternative.

"Donald Trump has no political experience," he says. "And he’s not for my people, I don’t think."

Penny says he thinks the community needs to rally for the Democrats in order to maintain progress that President Barack Obama has made in the country. "I think it’ll be better for our livelihood."

Brandon Lett, a machine operator, says he really doesn’t want either to become president. At the same time, he came out to vote for Clinton because he wanted to use his voice.

"I have an opinion, and I want to be heard," he says.

Jasmine McFarland, 24, says she also wanted to be heard and that those who choose not to vote cannot be upset with results.

"Everyone complains about the president, but not everyone votes. It’s better to come out here for one day and vote than to complain for the next four or eight years."

  US Elections 2016
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