Friday, August 18, 2017
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2016.11.09 09:14:55

Grace Bell Hardison voted after earlier having her registration challenged by county officials in North Carolina.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 09:13:00

Nigerian Twitter is poking fun at itself over its apparent obsession with the US elections and indifference to its own.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 09:10:31

For those of you who don't know him, Lord Ashcroft is a British pollster and politician.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 09:09:07

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 09:06:39

What an election to cast your first vote in.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:54:37

Two of those are Republicans.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:52:40


Just over 22,000 estimated votes between Clinton and Trump according to the Slate Turnout Tracker.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:49:23

Responding to Donald Trump's anti-Islam rhetoric this past year, Muslim Americans are heading to the ballot box. According to the US Council of Muslim Organizations, a record number - more than one million - of Muslim Americans registered to vote.

Many within the community showcased their election day thoughts with #MyMuslimVote

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:47:02

Looks like the incident we mentioned earlier isn't isolated. A few more reports here, using the hashtag #IslamophobiaAtPolls

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:18:36

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:14:29

Islamophobia has been one of the defining features of this campaign with a pledge to ban Muslims from entering the US featuring prominently on Trump's platform.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:12:40

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:11:15

Third Party candidates have virtually no chance of winning the US election, but supporters argue they are needed to fill the void in American politics. In this year's race there are dozens of other candidates challenging Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We took a look at some of the more prominent, or colourful candidates. Read more here.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:07:38

For those of you not familiar with this meme, Harambe was a gorilla shot dead by zookeepers when he began dragging a boy who fell into his enclosure.

Harambe may have died but in his death he gave rise to a seemingly immortal meme, part of which included writing him in as a presidential candidate.

Just a bunch of weirdos on the internet right? Wrong.

In one poll in Texas, the Western lowland gorilla was tied with the Green Party's Jill Stein.

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:04:48

Bernie Sanders is touching on a sentiment many Democrats are sharing on Twitter. They don't want to beat Trump, but they want to kill the ideology behind him.

A heavy enough defeat for the Republicans- they reason- may force the party to take a long hard look at itself,

  US Elections 2016
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2016.11.09 07:02:02

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion, who famously delivered the Stone Cold stunner on Donald Trump, is standing as a write-in candidate on a platform of lowering beer prices.

(And here's the stunner)

  US Elections 2016
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