Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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2014.07.28 03:27:49

Syrian state-run media has said a car bomb has exploded in the central city of Homs, killing at least seven people.

State news agency SANA said the vehicle exploded on Sunday in the Arman neighborhood, and two rockets also were fired at the site after the bombing.


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2014.07.28 03:23:09

The Israeli army says: "Following Hamas' incessant rocket fire throughout the humanitarian window, which was agreed upon for the welfare of the civilian population in Gaza, the IDF will now resume its aerial, naval and ground activity in the Gaza Strip."

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2014.07.28 03:21:50

The Netherlands, Australia and Malaysia have ruled out sending an international armed mission to secure the site in eastern Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 crashed, the Dutch prime minister said on Sunday.

"We concluded there was a real risk that an international mission would immediately be involved in the conflict in Ukraine," he said, adding that it was "not realistic" to attain military dominance over heavily armed separatists in an area so near the Russian border.

Forensic experts were prevented by heavy fighting on Sunday from getting access to the crash site to recover the remains of the airliner's 298 passengers.


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2014.07.28 03:20:23

Activists report that five people were killed and several others injured when regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on al-Shaar neighborhood in Aleppo.

Al-Shaar has been under the control of rebels for more than a year and has been subjected to aerial and ground bombardment continuously.

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2014.07.28 03:04:50

In the early hours of Sunday, there was tank shelling and some air strikes in different parts of Gaza. One person was killed.

People are queuing up to withdraw money from banks and ATMs. The lull in fighting is also a chance for people to go to the market to buy goods, return to their houses to assess damage and to visit friends and relatives.

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2014.07.28 03:03:36

Ukraine's foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin has said rebels are not allowing monitors to access the plane crash site, saying "their argument is fake".


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2014.07.28 03:02:26

The Islamic State group has seized an army position in the northeast city of Hasakeh, amid a major escalation in its offensive against regime bases, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Just south of Hasakeh city, "IS jihadists took over the army Regiment 121 at Maylabiyeh, after fierce clashes with regime troops", said the Britain-based group, adding that the battle lasted three days.

On twitter, supporters of IS, which first emerged in Syria's war in spring 2013, celebrated the army position's "liberation" at the hands of the jihadists.


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2014.07.28 02:53:45

An army spokesman says that Israel has "ended its humanitarian cease-fire [in Gaza] ... and resumed offensive operations from air, sea and land."

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2014.07.28 02:52:23

Dutch and Australian police who were planning to head to the crash site of Malaysian flight MH17 on Sunday have had to scrap their trip over security concerns, a OSCE spokesman said.

Alexander Hug, deputy chief monitor of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's special mission in Ukraine told reporters:

There is fighting going on. We can't take the risk. The security situation on the way to the site and on the site itself is unacceptable for our unarmed observer mission.

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2014.07.28 02:50:15

Syrian government troops have recaptured the Shaar gas field in Homs province from the Islamic State, a week after the the group seized it, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

"Since this morning, there has been fighting around the Al-Shaar field between regime forces and the IS. The army has succeeded in ejecting the jihadists, and it now controls the site and surrounding hills," Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.


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2014.07.28 02:39:40

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that Australian police will be sent to the Malaysian airliner's crash site in rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine as part of a Dutch-led police force to secure the area and help recover victims' remains.

This is a risky mission. There's no doubt about that. But all the professional advice that I have is that the safest way to conduct it is unarmed, as part of a police-led humanitarian mission.

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2014.07.28 02:38:15

Israeli media reported that a couple of the rockets landed in open areas and another was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

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2014.07.28 02:03:42

Malaysia's Prime Minister said that an agreement had been reached with separatists in Ukraine to give international police access to the site where the Malaysian plane was downed and enable investigators to determine why the aircraft crashed.

A statement issued by Najib Razak's office said the agreement with separatist leader Aleksander Borodai would "provide protection for international crash investigators" to recover human remains and ascertain the cause of the crash.


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2014.07.28 02:02:39

The Israeli army says one of its soldiers has been killed by shell fire near the Gaza Strip, pushing the number of troops killed since the start of ground operations to 43.

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2014.07.28 01:52:26

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes to escape fighting in eastern Ukraine.

It's focused on the city of Donetsk, which is controlled by rebels but coming under heavy artillery fire from government forces.

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2014.07.28 01:50:14

French police arrested 70 people at a banned pro-Palestinian protest in central Paris on Saturday that degenerated into clashes between demonstrators and armor-clad riot squads.

The rally had drawn 4,000 people to the capital's Place de la Republique, the interior ministry said, while organizers put the turnout at 10,000.

Police who stepped in to disperse the rally responded with tear gas when they were targeted with rocks and other projectiles. About 12 police were slightly injured.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said while the young people protesting had been mostly peaceful "there were troublemakers at this demonstration", some of whom had come armed with the intention to cause violence.

"There were 70 arrests and 30 (of them) have been detained, some of whom had significant weapons, including clubs... and knuckle-dusters," he said. [AFP]

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2014.07.27 07:30:34

Ukrainian officials said their forces advanced to the outskirts of a key town north of Donetsk on Saturday as they try to retake the stronghold held for months by pro-Russia rebels.

Ukrainian national security spokesman Andriy Lysenko said Ukrainian forces were outside Horlikva, just north of the regional center of Donetsk.

Once they can take Horlivka, "the direct route is open for the forces of the anti-terrorist operation to the capital of the Donbass region - the city of Donetsk," Lysenko said.

The approaches to Donetsk are being blocked so that the terrorists do not get the chance to receive ammunition, reinforcements or equipment.


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2014.07.27 07:19:31

Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said that "any humanitarian ceasefire that doesn't include the complete withdrawal of its positions in the Gaza Strip, doesn’t enable the residents to go back to their homes and doesn’t allow the evacuation of the wounded, is unacceptable".

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2014.07.27 07:18:49

Israel's security cabinet has approved extending the humanitarian ceasefire until midnight local time (2100 GMT) on Sunday, government officials say.

Palestinian groups have not yet responded.

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2014.07.27 04:26:12

BREAKING: Hamas official says group rejects Israel's proposed four-hour extension of Gaza war ceasefire - [AP]

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