Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Who has shot and who has there fallen

The State of Israelby Adam Keller

Who has shot and who has there fallen? Nathan Alterman, who wrote these words, left the question open and unanswered. He wrote it in 1934, as a young man making his first steps as a poet. Most of us were not yet born then, and the very old among us were children. The State of Israel was not yet created, and the Israel Defense Forces not yet been established, but the war in which we are involved today was already going on.

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Responding to the Unspeakable Killings at Newtown, Connecticut

US massacreOnce again, perhaps in the most anguishing manner ever, the deadly shooting of 20 children (and 8 adults) between the ages of 5 and 10 at the Newton, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School, has left America in a stunned posture of tragic bemusement. Why should such incidents be happening here, especially in such a peaceful and affluent town? The shock is accompanied by spontaneous outpourings of grief, bewilderment, empathy, communal espirit, and a sense of national tragedy. Such an unavoidably dark mood is officially confirmed by the well-crafted emotional message of the president, Barack Obama.

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Israeli Settlement Expansion: The Silence Of The Lambs

Settlement Expansionby M.J. Rosenberg

It has long been clear that the label “pro-Israel” is almost always misapplied. When the lobby or its friends in the media call a politician “pro-Israel” they mean that he supports everything Israel does, without question, no matter what he may think privately. (In fact, AIPAC tells officials who are upset by any Israeli action to not “go public” but rather to tell the ambassador who, of course, will simply ignore the critique.)

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Book Review: ‘Whackademia’

Richard Hil’s “Whackademia.Australian universities sick & censored

Richard Hil’s “Whackademia. An insider’s account of the troubled university” is a passionate description of the sorry state of Australian universities by a UK-born Australian academic. The book cover puts the problem succinctly: “Despite the shiny rhetoric of excellence, quality, innovation and creativity, universities face criticism over declining standards, decreased funding, compromised assessment, overburdened academics and never-ending reviews and restructures.” Importantly, these problems not confined to Australia. Richard Hil ‘s book is replete with variously amusing and horrifying stories of the absurdities of present-day corporatized Australian universities  that are dominated by aggressive, bean-counting line-managers. He urges a path forward of “engagement and dialogue” by Australia’s fearful, overworked and downtrodden academics to rescue Australia’s universities.

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The rape of Fukushima Dai-ichi..​

Dai-ichiDressed all in white from head to toe (including a respirator), it was a shotgun wedding. Or worse, a rape. But one way or the other, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials were out to force themselves and their radiation on a helpless Japan -- again. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945. More than a hundred thousand dead, perhaps as many born deformed, or stillborn. Then there was Monju in 1995, and Tokaimura in 1997, and again in 1999. And then Fukushima Dai-ichi, 2011.

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