Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Patriot's Game

statue_of_libertyOnce again in election season the drums of patriotism are being beaten. Politicians on the stump and their Madison Avenue flacks are exhorting us to rally around the tattered flag. Their drumming sounds feeble and hollow, though, like cheerleaders trying to rouse the fans while our military team goes down to defeat, bringing the economy with it.

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Predictions in Chalmers Johnson Book

Chalmers JohnsonFew books of our time are proving to be as prophetic as Chalmers Johnson’s “The Sorrows of Empire,” published  in 2004 by Henry Holt & Co. Its description of  the impact of the Pentagon’s war machine on our civil liberties and economy today appears largely to be right on the mark.

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The Moral Abomination of Sanctions

iran-sanctionsby Jacob G. Hornberger

A recent New York Times op-ed entitled Pinched and Griping in Iran by Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof shows how differently statists think in comparison to us libertarians, especially when it comes to foreign policy and moral principles.

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Imam Musa Sadr’s Remains Discovered in Libya

Imam Musa SadrBattle Over DNA use; Sheikh Yaacoub Alive or Dead?

In early spring 1983, shortly before her death, the American journalist Janet Lee Stevens urged this observer to visit Libya and meet some friends of hers who were active in the Palestine armed resistance. In those days, thanks to Yasser Arafat’s skill, passion, charm and cash, there were ten Palestinian groups publicly associated, and another half dozen more shadowy ones, sometimes in and sometimes out, depending on shifting political considerations, of the then large tent of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

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Refuting Bosnian Genocide Denial

BosniaPreviously, I had encountered and refuted this completely disingenuous, deceptive and bogus argument against labeling a genocide as what it truly is, when I was the lawyer for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina arguing their genocide case against Yugoslavia before the International Court of Justice, which is otherwise known as the World Court. [1] There the genocidal Yugoslavia was represented by Shabtai Rosenne from Israel as their lawyer against me. Rosenne proceeded to argue to the World Court that since he was an Israeli Jew, what Yugoslavia had done to the Bosnians was not the equivalent of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews and therefore did not qualify as “genocide” within the meaning of the 1948 Genocide Convention.

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