Friday, November 27, 2015
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Review: 'The Memory of Love'. War, trauma & lying

“The Memory of Love” by Aminatta Forna“The Memory of Love” by Aminatta Forna (Bloomsbury, London, 2010) is a superb novel about love, betrayal, war-time atrocities that traumatize people into silence, and “the silent lie” that re-writes personal and national histories. The novel is set in impoverished Sierra Leone today but is informed by awful civil war events over the last 3 decades.

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What Dani Dayan Says and Why It Is Interesting

Israel’s Settlers Dani Dayan’s article, “Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay,” was published by the NY Times on July 26, 2012. Dayan is the chairman of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities, and has been long known as a leading spokesperson of the settler movement. An obvious response to such a settler screed might be to dismiss it out of hand as an extremist expression of Israeli views, which it certainly is, but it would seem a mistake to do this before taking some account of its content and timing.

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In The Land Of Never Was

carbon-dioxideThe last, desperate hours of Climate Chaos deniers‪ and capitalist rah-rahs‬
by Phil Rockstroh

Often, the world forever unfolding, recombining, morphing, dying and transforming changes before the mind can grasp the implications of the ongoing alterations. This is the basis of nostalgia, for memory freezes the world like an insect encased in amber.

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Sufism: Searching For The Truth, Finding Oneself

Maulana Rumi tomb, Konya Sharif---TurkeyPersian poet Hafiz’s collected works, composed of a series of poems called dīwān, can be found in the homes of most Persian speakers in Iran. I became familiar with Hafiz’s poetry at a very young age, having been raised in a traditional Persian family. Hafiz, and later Rumi and Attar’s poetry, became my doorway to the exotic world of Sufism.

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Enemies of Capitalism

moneyA new report from the Bank of International Settlements, which one might think of as the apex of the global financial system, has slammed the system it coordinates in no uncertain terms. But the system is very good at ignoring criticism, even when it criticizes itself. The report asks, “like a person who eats too much, does a bloated financial system become a drag on the rest of the economy?”

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