Friday, July 11, 2014
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Missing the Point Twice

CIAInternational Law as Empire’s Sunday Suit

In a recent speech at the Harvard Law School, John Brennan, President Obama’s chief advisor on counterterrorism and homeland security, boldly declared: “I’ve developed a profound appreciation for the role that our values, especially the rule of law, play in keeping our country safe.” The most notable feature of the remarks that followed was the legal rationalization put forth for targeting killing of civilian terrorist suspects distant from ‘the hot battlefield’ even if not engaged in activities that could be reasonably viewed as posing an imminent threat to security of the United States.

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The Second Herzl

Yom KippurOn Yom Kippur eve last week, when real Jews were praying for their lives, I sat on the seashore of Tel Aviv, thinking.

I was thinking about our state, the State of Israel, in which I have, so to speak, a founder’s share.

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The Public Option in Banking: Another Look at the German Model

wall streetby Ellen Brown

Publicly-owned banks were instrumental in funding Germany’s “economic miracle” after the devastation of World War II.  Although the German public banks have been targeted in the last decade for takedown by their private competitors, the model remains a viable alternative to the private profiteering being protested on Wall Street today. 

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Abbas, UN Membership and Peace Talks

blairGlobetrotting to enlist UN membership support, Abbas told Time magazine in Columbia on October 11 that he'll resume talks if Israel accepts the Quartet's proposal.

In September, Quartet members established a timeline for "realistic and serious" negotiations with no preconditions to begin in a month. They hope for comprehensive proposals within three months, substantial progress in six, and a firm deal by end of 2012.

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The Invention of the Jewish People vs. The Invention of Gilad Atzmon

The Wandering WhoI tend to agree with Shlomo Sand that Jews invented themselves as a nation over a century ago. But it was interesting to find out this week that Naomi Wimborne Idrissi and her three Jewish Anti Zionist comrades AKA AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists) were desperate to invent Gilad Atzmon.

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