Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Israel won't attack Iran

Binyamin Netanyahu,[right] Ehud BarakBinyamin Netanyahu may be crazy, but he is not mad.

Ehud Barak may be mad, but he is not crazy.

Ergo: Israel will not attack Iran.

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Tools of the Rich

paul_ryanPolitics in the U.S.—at the level of policy-making—has a degree of rigidity, narrow-mindedness, and short-sightedness that causes enormous harm to the security and quality of life of Americans.  These constraints are self-imposed; more precisely, they are intentionally imposed by the elite to constrain the voters from exercising their full legal democratic rights of popular oversight. Accepted without a second thought, these unstated and unreasoned taboos prevent Americans from taking full advantage of their vast natural and intellectual resources. The result is a set of interlocked policies that needlessly undermine American security and worsen the general quality of life in American society.

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OIC Mecca Summit

Mecca SummitSimmering Rebellion in Saudi Arabia 

Throughout Islamic history, Shias, beginning with their Imams have either been short changed as in the case of Ali or badly treated by Sunni Muslims, as can be seen even today. Shia Islam attracted mostly the poorest and downtrodden among followers of Prophet Mohamed and till the Khomeini led Iranian revolution in 1979 , they had so remained, poor and downtrodden. But since then they feel a sense of pride and have been helped by Iran, as in Lebanon, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, and other states where they remain mostly under constraints.

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The Constant Israeli Hype Over Iran

barakA report in The Times of London, with the headline "Israel steps up plan for air attacks on Iran", enumerates the various "options" and "military contingency plans" available to the Israeli military in order to "neutralise" Iran's "nuclear weapons programme."  Journalist Christopher Walker writes that Israeli "[m]ilitary planners are studying" the possibility of "hitting Iranian missile plants...with the 'long arm' of its airforce or targeting foreign scientists at the facilities rather than the buildings themselves."  He adds that "surgical air strikes" would be carried out by "advanced F-15I fighter planes."

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The Other Side of Hitler

Adolf Hitlerby Jacob G. Hornberger

Whenever the subject of Adolf Hitler arises, it usually begins and ends with the Holocaust and World War II. That’s unfortunate because Hitler had another side, one that is similar to that of liberals and conservatives in America.

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