Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Government Shows Itself Impotent on Economy

US EconomyIt should finally have dawned on the American people that the politicians who presume to guide the economy have no bloody idea what they’re doing. We’re long past the time when knowledge of economics was required to see that the government is impotent when it comes to creating economic recovery. If you want evidence of that impotence, just look around.

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Are Wars Inevitable?

Wars"We've always had wars. Humans are a warring species. Without an army to defend us, someone will always try to conquer us."

These assumptions have become axioms of our culture. They generate despair but also a certain comfort because they relieve us of the responsibility to change.

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Satyen’s Bos(e)on of Higgs or God’s Particle

Higgs BoseonThe 'boson' in the Higgs boson particle, whose investigation and ultimate detection still being celebrated around the world, and rightly so, has been one of the longest and most expensive research projects in the history of science.

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'Hope is for the Lazy: The Challenge of Our Dead World'

Dead WorldIn 2005, I preached on the ecological crisis in a sermon I titled “Hope is for the Weak: The Challenge of a Broken World.” Looking back, I realize that I had been far too upbeat and optimistic, probably trying too hard to be liked. Today I want to correct that.

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When opportunity knocks…

bibi-putin…Israel disses US while seeking ‘bi-lateral alliance’ with Russia

Two interpretations by the participants themselves, of what significant international meetings achieved, the first on 6/25/12 and the second five days later, remind us about subjectivity in the eyes of the beholders.

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