Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Washington Preparing for More War

car-bombsAlready embroiled in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and numerous proxy wars in Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, central Africa, and elsewhere, evidence suggests Obama's preparing for more.

Washington-generated Syrian violence rages out of control. Efforts for nonviolent resolution are systematically subverted. Saturday's Damascus terrorist attacks and a Sunday Aleppo one reveal America's true intentions.

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Quantitating anti-Asian Australian racism

kabul1,527 Afghans assertedly equal 1 Australian

Mainstream media revelations of utterly paltry Australian compensation to its Afghan War victims reveal that the politically correct racist (PC racist) Australian political Establishment values Asian lives over 1,527 times less than White Australian lives. This is compared quantitatively below with other obscene, racist White Australian adherence to White/Non-European superiority factors ranging from "greater than 1" to "infinity".

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Behind Oil Price Rise: Peak Oil or Wall Street Speculation?

oil-supplyby F. William Engdahl

Since around October last year, the price of crude oil on world futures markets has exploded. Different people have different explanations. The most common one is the belief in financial markets that a war between either Israel and Iran or the USA and Iran or all three is imminent. Another camp argues that the price is rising unavoidably because the world has passed what they call “Peak Oil”—the point on an imaginary Gaussian Bell Curve at which half of all world known oil reserves have been depleted and the remaining oil will decline in quantity at an accelerating pace with rising price.

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How Many Violations of US Arms Laws are Too Many?

capitolhillOn March 6, 2012, the US Congressional Research Service released a report to the US Congress concerning Restrictions on the use of American weapons by recipient countries. For those who have followed the subject there was not a whole lot new in the CRS study, yet it is instructive in identifying Israel once again as far and away the most egregious violator of virtually every provision of every US law which purports to regulate how American weapons are used.

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Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It

Goldman SachsMoney power in private hands and democracy can't co-exist. Wall Street crooks transformed America into an unprecedented money making racket.

Goldman symbolizes master of the universe manipulative fraud. It's been involved in nearly all financial scandals since the 19th century.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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