Monday, May 25, 2015
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The UK's avoidable hardship

UK's hardship

by Rachel Shabi

In case you're wondering why your English friends seem even more gloomy than usual, it's because they uncharacteristically let in a little ray of hope. And then got crushed by reality. Ahead of last week's general election, the UK polls were predicting a nail-bitingly close run - giving progressives, who had been rallying against the incumbent coalition, cause for optimism.

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The Anti-Arab Zionized Ruling Al Saud

Al Saud

It must be clearly and loudly declared that the Saudi ruling family follows an anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist, terror-sponsored, tyrannical, suppressive, ruthless, authoritarian, and treacherous absolute monarchy. The Saudi monarchy was established on betrayal, chauvinism, elitism, and discrimination.

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Israel and ethnic-based exclusion


by Rachel Shabi

As one commentator has already noted, some appointments in Israel's new cabinet seem to be a case of letting the fox guard the chicken coop.

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Avnery: A Day and Night-Mare

Ayelet Shaked

Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be detested now by everyone. Almost as much as his meddling wife, Sarah’le.

Six weeks ago, Netanyahu was the great victor. Contrary to all opinion polls, he achieved a surprise victory at the last moment, winning 30 seats in the 120-member Knesset, leaving the Labor Party (re-branded “The Zionist Camp”) well behind him.

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The Inferno of Aleppo

Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri, in his Divine Comedy, describes the Inferno (Hell) as a place of hot and dry sand where flames fall from the sky “as flakes of snow”:

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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