Friday, December 09, 2016
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Escaping Fortress Earth

Journey to Earthland

Reading Journey to Earthland is an extraordinary experience. Paul Raskin is not only a master navigator of the complexities of our world but someone who conveys a vision of the future that manages to surmount the unprecedented challenges facing humanity at several levels of social, cultural, and ecological being.

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Fight back or go under

Bernie Sanders

The presidency of Donald Trump is going to be a slap in the face of American workers that will wake us up to the reality of social class. Big T's pedal-to-the-metal policies will show us clearly that we are one class, the ruling elite are another class, and our interests are diametrically opposed. Our declining standard of living is essential for maintaining their wealth, and they will do whatever is necessary to continue that. They will jail us, deport us, kill us, anything to crush resistance.

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HRW and FIFA test Middle East fallout of Trump’s election

The request is based on the fact that the Israel Football Association (IFA) organizes matches in Israeli settlements and allows six settlement teams to play in Israeli Leagues.

Donald Trump

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Zionist Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan & Neighbourhood Bully

Bob Dylan

The acclaimed Jewish American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan was recently controversially awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. However the close association of Bob Dylan with Israel has tainted this award. Good literature is about critically revealing truths about humanity through songs, poetry, plays, short stories and novels.

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The President Elect


The first shock has passed. President-Elect Donald Trump. I am gradually getting used to the sound of these words. We are entering an era of complete uncertainty. We Israelis and the entire world. From shoe-shine boy to head of state. Nobody knows.

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