Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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Of Abductors and Actors and Censors

The Parallel Time

by Adam Keller

"The question is not of the Freedom of Expression but rather of the Freedom of Financing. Does a country have to pay for presenting a play about a man who kidnapped and killed a soldier?" So said Culture Minister Miri Regev yesterday, at the height of a stormy confrontation with some of Israel’s most well-known artists.

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Avnery: Isratin or Palestrael?

One-State Solution

There was this guy who had an earth-shaking invention: an airplane that flies on water. No more gas. No more pollution. No more astronomical prices. Just fill it up with water, and it will fly to the end of the world.

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Ethiopian General Election

Ethiopian Election

An Insult to the People and Democracy

Every five years the Ethiopian people are invited by the ruling party to take part in a democratic pantomime called ‘General Elections’. Sunday 24th May saw the latest production take to the national stage.

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The Middle East and North Africa


Adapting to a New Paradigm
by James M. Dorsey

US and Arab military strategies across the Middle East and North Africa have failed to reverse the rise of often retrograde rebel forces in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. This stems from a refusal to acknowledge a new reality: the region is in the throes of violent, political transition that will inevitably redraw the map along ethnic and sectarian lines.

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The labels we give Rachel Dolezal say more about us

Rachel Dolezal

by Rachel Shabi

It's been a week of reinvented, reissued, and freshly insisted upon phrases. As word spread of the white American woman, Rachel Dolezal, who had faked being black for years, a whole string of labels issued forth: some piped up the misused term "transracial" to define Dolezal, pursuing this all the way to "transracephobic". Meanwhile, her adopted children spoke of her as being "culturally black" and others have said: Why not, if she wants to be?

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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