Monday, January 16, 2017
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Secrets behind Trump’s Presidency


Last Wednesday; November 9th, many of the American major media outlets announced the occurrence of a historical event; a shockwave that had gone through the country and all over the world; a political earthquake. Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign has been plagued with charges of racism, misogyny, sexism, hatred, Islamophobic, anti-minority, and racial divide, had won the American presidency, and his Republican Party had won both the House and the Senate. Broadcasters, who had been attacking Trump for almost a year and touting for Hillary Clinton claiming her guaranteed win, seem now to be dump-founded not knowing what to say and how to explain this event.

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Anticipating the Trump Presidency


In the weeks prior to the American presidential election I received a large number of independent messages from progressive friends abroad who were either expats or citizens of other countries.

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To some, ignorance is bliss

Human rights will not be of much a concern to the Trump administration.


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Civilization in transition, uncertainty and opportunity


British filmmaker Adam Curtis recently released his new documentary ‘HyperNormalisation’. Brilliant in parts, this ambitious film reveals an image of a civilisation in turmoil. It shows how duplicitous, inadequate politicians have repeatedly deceived the public over the last forty years, and how their actions have caused increasing levels of chaos in the world, which they are unable to resolve.

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No soul-searching by liberals and US presstitutes after Clinton's defeat


So-called liberals and leftists in the US and around the world are now wailing and gnashing their teeth in reaction to Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat. They are, however, the first to blame for the outcome of the US presidential elections. Their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was the embodiment of a totally corrupt political system. 

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