Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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#Israel Elections: For Whom to Vote?

Benjamin Netanyahu

Once a Soviet citizen went to vote. He was given a sealed envelope and told to put it in the ballot box.

"Could I possibly see for whom I am voting?" he asked timidly. "Of course not!" the official answered indignantly, “in the Soviet Union, we respect the secrecy of the ballot!”

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Abbott & Australian Aboriginal Ethnocide

Australian Aboriginal

Australia has invaded 85 countries and in 30 instances these violations have been associated with genocide of the Indigenous inhabitants [1, 2]. Before the British invasion in 1788 there were 350-750 different Indigenous Australian (Aboriginal) tribes and a similar number of languages and dialects, of which only 150 survive today and of these all but about 20 are endangered in a process of continuing Australian Aboriginal Ethnocide [3-6].

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Hacking Consciousness


The Stanford University Video Series
Reviewed by William T. Hathaway

This new Stanford video series investigates consciousness as the source of not only the human mind but also of all energy and matter. Consciousness is seen as the essence of the universe, a unified field which gives rise to and pervades all manifest phenomena. Five scientists from different disciplines describe how we can contact this field and use it to improve our lives. The series, designed by Michael Heinrich, is now available free on YouTube.

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Canada's Bill C-51: A Bitter Reality

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper's Bill C 51 will render the sacrifice of 45,000 Canadian soldiers that died in World War II meaningless. Canada is quietly slipping away from a century (plus) of protecting and cultivating freedom and democracy into a nightmare of state control and tyranny. This maneuver is accomplished in part by Harper's proposed bill to Parliament.

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Iran, Israel and the Question of Nuclear Threat


by Dr. Nasir Khan

On March 3, 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel delivered his speech before a joint session of the US Congress. His reception was of a kind, which has amused very many of us around the world. Still, we may ask: For what was Netanyahu accorded such a heroic reception and standing ovations? Only the AIPAC, the Zionist lobbyists or US Congress may have the answer. Somehow, it seemed the US Congress had finally found the right man, almost a messianic figure, a saviour, who was among them to their great delight! All they had to do to show their esteem and devotion. This they did and in abundance.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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