Monday, November 30, 2015
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The Settlers' Prussia


Israeli democracy is sliding downwards. Sliding slowly, comfortably, but unmistakably. Sliding where? Everybody knows that: towards an ultra-nationalist, racist, religious society.

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Fragmenting the Family: A Failure to Follow Law, Policy and Common Sense


by Patti Kemp and Edward C. Corrigan

The recent news that Canadian officials may have been preventing refugee claimants from coming to Canada, both from Hungary1 and Syria2, points to a worrying trend in immigration decision making.

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Is ‘Islamic Terrorism’ a myth?

Elias Davidsson

Not many people have the guts to question the official narrative of the attacks committed on 9/11 in the United States of America, in London, Madrid, Mumbai or elsewhere, which governments attribute to Islamic terrorists. Elias Davidsson is one of those, who in 2002 became skeptical of the official account on 9/11 and later more generally of the widely held belief that Islamic terrorism exists as a real and distinct threat.

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Corbyn resets the 'special relationship'

Jeremy Corbyn

by Rachel Shabi

The joke typically goes that if you want to know what British foreign policy is, ask the US state department. The "special relationship" between both countries has long been viewed through this lens, regardless of what shade of politics, left or right, has been in power.

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‘Israel is a terrorist state’


by Jonathan Cook

The violence rocking the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and now Gaza is on the verge of spilling into Israel, Palestinian leaders in Israel warned.

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