Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Filthy Mayhem in India


Cars, Lorries and Weddings

Along with the choking fumes and piles of putrid waste, sound systems and a constant bombardment of honking horns from cars, lorries and screaming buses assault residents and the unprepared in towns and cities throughout India. Loudspeakers are used to spread political propaganda; celebrate and circulate expensive arranged and prolonged weddings; and, mounted outside temples and mosques, loudly proclaim the jargon of the just and the righteous path to salvation.

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Global Cultural Protections

Will a Syrian victory at a posh London auction house accelerate Global Cultural Protections?

Over the past three years not many victories in Syria have been witnessed by this observer. Indeed some developments have even brought to mind Plutarch’s description of the Greek King Pyrrhusdefeat of the Roman legions some while back. But an achievement by the Syrian government and its people on 4/3/14 in an auction house in London is neither Pyrrhic, nor of the 'Another such victory and I am undone’ variety.

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Understanding Marx

Karl Marx

Review of Crisis and Change Today, by Peter Knapp and Alan J. Spector

Knapp and Spector have written a superb introduction to Marxist thought, a much-needed one, since reading Marx can be a daunting task. The grand old man's prose is often ponderous, abstract, and complex; so many readers can't discern his full meaning.

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Indoctrinating a new generation

obamaby William Blum

Is there anyone out there who still believes that Barack Obama, when he’s speaking about American foreign policy, is capable of being anything like an honest man? In a March 26 talk in Belgium to “European youth”, the president fed his audience one falsehood, half-truth, blatant omission, or hypocrisy after another.

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Climate Change Inaction

arctic-iceThe world is witnessing terracidal climate change inaction both from explicit, anti-science, corporate-fostered climate change denialism and from craven effective climate change denialism. The world is facing a worsening climate emergency but remains committed to an ever-expanding carbon economy and is unable to take requisite effective climate change action.

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