Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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If Obama Visits Hiroshima

Obama Hiroshima

There are mounting hopes that Barack Obama will use the occasion of the Group of 7 meeting in Japan next month to visit Hiroshima, and become the first American president to do so.

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The Return of the Desert God

Desert God

by Adam Keller

"We are commanded to recount the Exodus from Egypt." "The more you recount the Exodus, the better." "In every generation, every person must see himself as if he came out of Egypt." So does Jewish tradition tell us.

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Welcome to Palestine 2017- A legal Imperative

Palestinian Statehood

The ship carrying the precious cargo of a Palestinian Statehood bid, intended for late 2017, navigates through the choppy waters of Israel’s polluted sea of propaganda, US obduracy and a forever abstaining UK, complicit to a universally recognized, unlawful and brutal Israeli occupation.

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New Direction for Resolving the Middle East Crisis


by Dan Lieberman

Dr. Mazin Quimseyeh, one of the most respected and self-sacrificing Palestinian activists who fights relentlessly for human rights, has posed a question: "What would YOU advise us Palestinians (incl. leaders) to do?"

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The Other Gandhi

General Rehavam Ze'evi

In 1975, I was stabbed in the chest at the door of my apartment. The assassin missed my heart by millimeters. He was caught by my female neighbors and arrested. It appeared he had no political motives – he was upset because I had planted listening devices in his head.

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