Thursday, December 18, 2014
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The US Torture Empire

US Torture

The recently censured short version of the US Senate's "Torture Report" on the criminal acts of the George W. Bush administration is a document that whitewashes the United States of the criminal behavior of its leadership in international affairs.

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Triple Race to Fiftieth Anniversary

African asylum seekers

by Adam Keller

A moment before dispersing itself, the outgoing Knesset still managed to re-enact the law authorizing the years-long detention without trial of African asylum seekers in the Negev “open prison”. A law which was already twice overturned by the Supreme Court. But for Likud’s Miri Regev, Chair of the Knesset Interior Committee the bill was “not tough enough.” She promised: "Next time we get to power we will enact a stronger law."

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Can Duke Become the King?

Tzipi Livni

On Monday, the 19th Knesset voted to dissolve itself, less than two years after its election. For many of its members it was a sad day, a kind of political hara-kiri. They have no chance of re-election. Some of them are so forgettable, that I do not recognize their names or faces.

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The Germans rebuilt Dresden and the Syrians will rebuild Aleppo!

Aleppo’s old city

With the Syrian army deep inside Aleppo’s old city

This observer has long sought an extended visit to the old city of Aleppo which is also one of this cradle of civilizations cultural and educational centers. Despite being in a continuing war zone, the visit materialized when security authorities granted permission and assistance to this observer to complete research finalizing more than two years of research across Syria on the subject of Syria’s Endangered Heritage: The Story Of A Nations Fight To Preserve Its Cultural Heritage.

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CIA torture

US embassies

For the Arab world, that's no surprise
by Rachel Shabi

The headlines scream of shock and revulsion. Described in UK newspapers as a "stain on America" and "the shaming of the West", and in the US as a "grim portrait" and "litany of brutality", the damning Senate report on CIA torture has, not surprisingly, evoked horror across the world's media.

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