Thursday, February 11, 2016
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On Progressive Democrats: Sanders v. Clinton

,Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

In past years, I tried to distance myself from ‘liberals’ by describing myself as ‘progressive.’ It was admittedly a middle ground between being a liberal, which I associated with being a comforter of the established order while opting for humane policies at the margins, and being a ‘radical’ or ‘leftist,’ which struck me as terms of self-exile outside domains of relevant discourse.

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Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Bernie Sanders

by William Blum

“Self-described socialist” … How many times have we all read that term in regard to Vermont senator Bernie Sanders? But is he really a socialist? Or is he a “social democrat”, which is what he’d be called in Europe? Or is he a “democratic socialist”, which is the American party he has been a member of (DSA – Democratic Socialists of America)? And does it really matter which one he is? They’re all socialists, are they not?

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Saudi Arabia and Iran

Saudi Arabia and Iran

"The Battle for Hegemony that the Kingdom Cannot Win"
by James M. Dorsey

Western government officials, former intelligence officers and pundits have long predicted the fall of the House of Saud. I am one of those. “This cannot last,” was my conclusion after my first visit to the kingdom in 1976. That prediction remains true even if I had a different timeline in mind when I first came to that conclusion.

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Free University Education

Free Education

Education is a basic human right and all education can and should be free. Free university education has been adopted by nearly 20 variously rich or poor countries for their university students.

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Europe, stop 'branding' refugees


by Rachel Shabi

Weeks ago, 12-year-olds at a school on the south coast of England walked into an English lesson to find a large image projected on to the whiteboard of a street in which all the houses had red doors.

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