Friday, August 28, 2015
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Comparing Burma and Apartheid Israel

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWSDecent people were very happy to see the huge victory of Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) party in the recent Myanmar (Burma) by-elections. However there is concern that there will be a lifting of sanctions against Myanmar before a genuine democracy has been emplaced. Continuing gross human rights abuses in Myanmar merit continuing sanctions and so do those of  race-based, genocidal Apartheid Israel which is not subject to such international sanctions and yet should be for continuing war crimes, Apartheid and genocide. The gross human rights abuses of both anti-democracy Myanmar and anti-democracy Apartheid Israel are compared.

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The corporate media crisis: Everything old is new again

The corporate media crisisThese days there’s one political point on which one can usually get consensus- Mainstream journalists are failing.

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Oh Canada!

stephen-harperImposing Austerity on the World’s Most Resource-rich Country
by Ellen Brown

Even the world’s most resource-rich country has now been caught in the debt trap.  Its once-proud government programs are being subjected to radical budget cuts—cuts that could have been avoided if the government had not quit borrowing from its own central bank in the 1970s.

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Palestinian Land Day: Global March to Jerusalem

Global March to JerusalemOn Friday March 30th hundreds of thousands of people from all backgrounds; religious, social and political, had marched towards Zionist occupied Palestine, or to the nearest point of it, to protest Israeli crimes against indigenous Palestinian population, Israeli violations of international laws and human rights, Israeli ethnic cleansing and distortion of the social, cultural and religious characteristics of Palestine in a systemic process of judiazing the whole country.

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Why Peter Beinart is driving the 'pro-Israel' establishment crazy

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu 'regularly invokes Nazi Germany to describe Iran'by MJ Rosenberg

Almost all the criticism of (and controversy about) Peter Beinart's The Crisis of Zionism comes down to two major complaints:

The first is that he is a "liberal Zionist" which, by some definitions, means he is just as indifferent to Palestinian rights as a right-wing Zionist. For example, he believes in the idea and reality of a Jewish state and is primarily motivated by his sense of urgency about preserving it. He also does not support granting the right to return to Israel to all the Palestinian refugees (dating back to 1947) and their millions of descendants, viewing full return as a means to ending Israel's existence.

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