Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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Obama’s Victory, Romney’s Defeat

Obama’s VictoryAround the world even more than in the United States there is an audible sigh of relief the day after Obama won a clear mandate for a second term as president. Deconstructed it mainly meant that many more were relieved that Romney lost, rather than excited that Obama won. Yet there were some, with whom I partly agree, whose gaze carries beyond the narrow victory in popular vote (as distinct from the decisive victory in the electoral college vote), to appreciate a positive fundamental change in American demographics.

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A Night of Hope

Sheldon Adelsonby Adam Keller

A few hours and many cups of coffee after a night which seemed like an eternity. The CNN non-stop on the screen and experts arguing  and maps with red and blue spots. Swing states and swing counties in the swing states. Instant lessons in the physical and human geography of Virginia and Florida and Ohio. Here the countryside always votes Republican and the big city there is a Democrat bastion and here live many Blacks and there the number of Hispanics increased in the past decade and in this location Bush won in 2004 but Obama did in 2008 and there might develop a big surprise.

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An American Narcissist

Romney, NetanyahuIt would seem unfair to single out Mitt Romney as a modern day narcissist when the insufferably long American election campaign crowds to a rowdy and inglorious finale with both men and their teams equally aware that the only change that Americans have experienced has meant being short-changed, whilst being pistol-whipped by challenger and incumbent rhetoric. But heck! In for a dime in for a dollar, Romney it is; for he represents a “Collective Narcissism,” in the form of a Republican Party that is moving so viciously to the right that it just might fall off an East Coast cliff and not just the “fiscal cliff” as American debt spirals out of control, as too American foreign policy.

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Flooding Syria with Foreign Arms

Israeli weapons are among the most frequently found in Syria as was the case in LibyaA View from Damascus

Across Syria these days, one is able to examine massive evidence that this ancient civilization, the historic bastion of nationalist Arabism and since the 1948 Nabka, an essential pillar of the growing culture of Resistance to the Zionist occupation of Palestine, is becoming awash with foreign arms being funneled to “rebels” by countries advocating regime change.

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A week of democracy

Yitzhak Rabin, left, Yasser Arafat, rightby Adam Keller

This year there was a fierce struggle over the character of the memorial rally for Yitzhak Rabin. Those who emerged with the upper hand, especially the youth movement identified with the Labor Party, decided to make a drastic change in the rally's content and agenda.

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