Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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America's Afghanistan Legacy

Freedom Next Time: Resisting the EmpireIn his book titled, "Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire," John Pilger discussed Afghanistan, saying:

"Through all the humanitarian crises in living memory, no country has been abused and suffered more, and none has been helped less than Afghanistan."

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Hana Shalabi: The Bravest Form of Nonviolence

Hana ShalabiNo sooner had Khader Adnan ended his 66 day life threatening hunger strike than new urgent concerns are being voiced for Hana Shalabi, another West Bank hunger striker now without food for more than 24 days. Both strikes were directed by Palestinian activists against the abusive use of administrative detention by Israeli West Bank occupying military forces, protesting both the practice of internment without charges or trial and the degrading and physically harsh treatment administered during the arrest, interrogation, and detention process.

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Changing Irrational Regimes

Ahamadinejad-Netanyahu A security threat surely does exist in the Mideast, but neither war nor regime change in Iran alone will resolve the situation. The solution is regime change in both Iran and Israel.

Ex-Mossad chief Dagan, diehard advocate of violence as the method of choice to defeat Israel’s antagonists but nevertheless sufficiently “rational” to choose methods short of full-scale military aggression, differs profoundly from Netanyahu clique politicians. “Rational,” everyone now suddenly seems to agree, is a term that applies to the Iranian regime: i.e., not suicidal, not similar to (say) extremist end-of-days Protestant fundamentalists who believe not only that the world is coming to an end but that we should rush to embrace that end or to analogous extremist end-of-days Twelver Shi’a with the same beliefs (by some accounts including Ahmadinejad).

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Israel's Ruthless Golani Brigade

Golani BrigadeOn February 28, 1948, David Ben-Gurion formed Golani to help ethnically cleanse Palestine during Israel's War of Independence.

Ariel Sharon was one of its first commanders. Earlier he was a notorious Hagana terror gang one and Alexandroni death squad head. In 1953, he established the infamous Unit 101.

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Quran burning: Mistake, crime, and metaphor

In Afghanistan, the Quran is a more potent symbol of national unity than the flag or constitutionOn February 20, 2012 several US soldiers - five of whom have so far been identified - took some Islamic writings, including several copies of the Quran, to a landfill on Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan where they were burned.

As soon as Afghan workers on the scene realised that Qurans were being burned, it was recognised as an act of desecration, and they immediately launched a protest. The protest spread rapidly throughout the country, and turned violent, resulting in at least 30 Afghan deaths, five dead US soldiers, and many non-lethal casualties. The incident is under formal investigation by three distinct boards of inquiry: a US military investigation with authority to recommend disciplinary action against the soldiers; a joint US/Afghan undertaking; and an Afghan investigation leading to recommendations by a council of religious figures.

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