Friday, June 24, 2016
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The Day of the Rhinos

Sarah Netanyahu

I recently mentioned the German word Gleichschaltung – one of the most typical words in the Nazi vocabulary.

"Gleich" means "the same", and "Schaltung" means "wiring". The long German word means that everything in the state is wired up the same way – the Nazi way.

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Write-in Voting and Political Protest


With the increasingly likelihood of a presidential contest between the generally despised Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, millions of angry voters are considering protesting the lineup by either sitting out the election or writing in alternatives.

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Dishonoring American Veterans

Liberty attacked by Israel

Sadly many American legislators are not doing the job their positions stipulate. They are not acting in the interest of the citizens, who elected them in office. Many of their decisions and behaviors draw the suspicion that they act as agents of a foreign country, who is trying to take advantage of American generosity.

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Kiryas Joel

Kiryas Joel

Kiryas Joel is a Hasidic enclave within Monroe, NY with its own schools, emergency medical and other governmental services. A recent book by Louis Grumet with John Caher, “The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel: The Rise of a Village Theocracy and the Battle to Defend the Separation of Church and State” (Chicago Review Press, $27.99), details the machinations behind the extraordinary carve out of a school district for a religious group.

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Israeli colonialism signed in the UK, sealed in the USA

Israeli colonialism

“We must do everything to insure they (the Palestinians) never do return … The old will die and the young will forget.” -Ben Gurion

C onsidering the British Mandate of Palestine “carved out of Ottoman Southern Syria” and its favourable view of a Zionist drive for the colonisation of historical Palestine, is to seek, somewhere, an honourable historical discourse in a dishonourable colonialist fulcrum.

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