Friday, December 19, 2014
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The Calculus of Revolution


We are powerless. The threat of revolution is all we have. Not so long ago we could negotiate but today, established power does not see human needs as a calculation. Yesterday, the corporate/political establishment showed a measure of respect. Today, it is absent. The important message for today is that respect was earned.  

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The Ferguson Distraction

Ferguson, MO, police

Ironically, the shooting death of unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown by white Ferguson, MO, police officer Darren Wilson is a distraction from the racist police brutality that ravages America.

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Israeli Barbarity and International Hypocrisy


The slow simmering Palestinian/Israel tension have been lately escalated to a boiling level at many fronts; social, political and religious. This tension has led to many violent confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli armed security forces, and between Palestinians and armed Israeli mobs.

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Remembering Yoshikazu Sakamoto (1927-2014)

Yoshikazu Sakamoto

Prefatory Note: This post is dedicated to my remembrance of Yoshi Sakamoto who died recently. Yoshi was a deeply valued friend and an important public intellectual in Japan who exerted a strong influence on the post-war generation. His political orientation, rejecting extremes of right and left, while questioning the militarist premises of the Cold War and Japan's willingness to become America's Asian poodle, gave him a distinctive political profile. I am sharing these words of appreciation, and hope that anyone from Japan who comes across this text will contact me, especially if they have a way of putting me in touch with either Yoshi's family or Japanese media. I would like to believe that 'an American appreciation' of Professor Sakamoto would be of interest to those who knew and admired him.

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UN Committee Against Torture Report Criticizes US Policy


A new UN Committee Against Torture report criticizes serious US civil and human rights abuses. Including secret CIA detentions. Extraordinary renditions. Interrogation practices. Systematic use of torture. Immigration detention abuses. Criminal injustice. America's death penalty. Police brutality. Racial profiling. Brutalizing longterm solitary confinement. Protection of prisoners against violence. Rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

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