Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Silence Please


The worlds we inhabit are noisy places. The external environment – particularly cities, where over half the population now live, suffocates under a cacophony of competing sounds, from road and air traffic, to power tools, car alarms and neon lights: and, for most of us, the internal, mental space in which we live is equally chaotic and cluttered.

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Need for change in Canada’s immigration and refugee policy


by Edward C. Corrigan

On September 25, 2015 Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau released a statement in Brampton, Ontario which outlined proposed Liberal policy on Citizenship and Immigration. The statement was bold and fairly comprehensive and contained many good ideas to help fix the mess the Conservatives have made in the Citizenship, Immigration and refugee area and also the rather draconian measures the Conservatives took on “Homeland Security.” The text of Justin Trudeau’s statement is found here.

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Global Warming, Paris Conference & Wall Street

Global Warming

Do you seriously believe that Wall Street can save the planet from global warming?
by Jim Wolpman

Now that all of the Western oil giants, in varying degrees, along with 61% of Republicans and, as we shall see, Wall Street (enthusiastically and for the wrong reasons) have accepted the fact that human activity is a major factor in global warming, one would think that the Republican Party would go along with its financiers and saner constituencies. But no, its leaders still characterize global warming as a “liberal fantasy” and its leading candidate for president has “yet to see the evidence.” Go figure. Eventually—hopefully sooner rather than later—they’ll have to come round, and that red herring can be laid to rest.

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Edward Said’s Humanism versus the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Semitism

Edward Said

In these remarks, I will present the following analysis: (1) the most ardent Zionist forces have longed tried to conflate criticism of Israel and Zionism with hatred of Jews, the traditional understanding of anti-Semitism, but this effort has intensified recently, and even has been endorsed by the US Government and is currently under consideration by the University of California and elsewhere; (2) examine the definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the U.S. State Department, and discuss briefly why it has pernicious implications for academic freedom, and indeed even for an understanding of the genuine nature of anti-Semitism; (3) show why Edward Said despite his intense opposition to anti-Semitism would nevertheless be vulnerable to allegations of being an anti-Semite if the State Department definition were to be applied to his writings and activities; (4) and finally to point out that according to the imperatives most influentially expressed by Noam Chomsky and Said, the ‘responsibility of the intellectual’ would perversely require them to be ‘anti-Semitic’ according to this pernicious wider conception.

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The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham


by Eve Mykytyn

5 security guards, members of the RCMP, 2 in bulletproof vests, all entrants pass through metal detectors, undergo a wand search, check all electronics including cell phones and have their bags meticulously scrutinized. Why all the security? The crown was presenting its criminal case against Arthur Topham, for the crime of “hate.’

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