Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Israeli Incursion into Gaza


I. Introduction

1- One of the most divisive political issues to be discussed is that of Israel and its occupation of Palestine. It remains a highly volatile and deeply emotive subject that involves consideration of the legality of its occupation, the treatment of civilians that have become almost completely reliant on humanitarian aid and its apartheid policies. More recently the discussions have moved to the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the most recent incursion and the unlawful appropriation of land designated to Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza.

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First Palestine, and You are Next

Palestinian children

The Zionist colonial project of creating Greater Israel; a Jewish-only Israel in the heart of the Arab World, was started by ruthless terrorist Zionist Jews. For the duration of the last 66 years and under the shameful complicit silence of the international community, these Zionist terrorists had broken all international laws, violated all human rights, violated hundreds of UN resolutions, and had perpetrated, and still perpetrate, numerous most brutal ever massacres against Palestinians to force them out of Palestine; the most strategic part on earth.

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Assassinating Castro

Assassinating Castro

In an era of endless state-sponsored assassinations on the part of the U.S. government, hardly anyone bothers to question or challenge the CIA’s repeated assassination attempts on Cuba’s former president, Fidel Castro. The assassination attempts have become part of America’s national-security state culture. I’ll bet that most Americans don’t question the notion that the U.S. government was perfectly justified in trying to assassinate Castro or, for that matter, invade Cuba to oust him from power or impose an embargo on the island in an attempt to economically squeeze the Cuban people into ousting Castro from power.

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Defending Apartheid: Then in South Africa, Now in Palestine


This past May, in a relatively banal column touting the necessity of an impossible "two-state solution" in the context of what he deemed to be U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's "specious comparison" of a potential Israeli future to South African apartheid.

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Tsunami management

State Land

by Adam Keller

A few days after the ceasefire several dozen people gathered at Sderot, near the Gaza border - Israelis who have not lost the hope for peace and the determination to struggle for it. There were members of “The Other Voice” who live in the Gaza border area and maintain this struggle under difficult physical and social conditions, together with activists from elsewhere in the country invited by the Peace NGO’s Forum.

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