Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Get over it?


And now a few choice words for all Republicans advising Democrats to “stop whining about the election and get over it.” Oh, really. Get over losing a presidential election to a high- strung petulant flake soon to be in possession of the nuclear codes? Get over a man destined to be leader of the Free World tweeting frivolous 3 am insults at Alec Baldwin? 

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Israeli-Style Seasons Greetings


Long-suffering Palestinians can expect no relief throughout the holiday season or into the New Year. Israeli high crimes continue unabated against them. World leaders ignore their misery.

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Is the CIA editing your newspaper?

The media are overwhelming owned and controlled by billionaires and gargantuan corporations, who depend on the support of other corporations for ad revenue, and employ journalists from a narrow, privileged class whose careers depend on maintaining access to elite sources.


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Making American Torture Great Again

Trump ran on promises to resurrect the torture techniques authorized by the Bush administration after 9/11.

American Torture

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Trump is the fulfillment of an ancient Chinese curse

Donald Trump

"May you live in interesting times" was a curse the ancient Chinese hurled at their adversaries, wishing them strife, oppression, and struggle. It applies to us now because for all the uncertainties a Trump presidency holds, it will certainly be an interesting time, filled with opportunities for resistance and perhaps revolution.

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