Friday, August 22, 2014
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It's Not Anti-Semitism


by M.J. Rosenberg

Dr. Steven Beller, an independent scholar based in Washington DC,  presents an alternative analysis of the anti-Jewish hostility currently being experienced in Europe as a result of Israel’s offensive against Gaza. Dr. Beller was a visiting scholar at George Washington University and a Research Fellow at Peterhouse College Cambridge. He is the author of major books on Austrian and Jewish history and also an expert on the history of antisemitism. He authored Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction for Oxford University Press (2007).

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Clash Of Civilizations


The Israeli army confirmed today that up to 130 Palestinian civilians were slaughtered in Rafah last Friday following the triggering of the Hannibal protocol - an IDF directive that is designed to thwart the capture of Israeli combatants.

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The Commies Are Coming! (Again)

NATOAfter the U.S. government’s post-Cold War encirclement of Russia, through NATO, succeeded in achieving a foreign-policy crisis in Ukraine, I repeatedly have said that it was entirely predictable that Russia would seize Crimea rather than permit it to come under U.S. control.

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Poetry and War

Rafeef Ziadah

During these days of continuing massacre in Gaza I have found it difficult to focus the mind elsewhere. I came across a short statement of about 200 words by the great, enigmatic 20th century poet, Wallace Stevens, stuck between poems in his Selected Poems, p.270, with a characteristically unemotional title—‘A Prose Statement on the Poetry of War.’

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The Jews Of Silence


by M.J. Rosenberg

I had a depressing conversation with a young man (thirties) last night.

I had just heard the report that the "kidnapped" soldier was dead and that, as I had expected, Netanyahu had lied about him right from the beginning. His purpose was to use the soldier to get President Obama to authorize more war, and, if you saw Obama's  Friday press conference, it worked like a charm. 

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