Friday, November 27, 2015
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Separation of Religion and State

James Madison

While underscoring the importance of the separation of Church and State, James Madison had in view the gory history of Europe over the course of at least 18 centuries of political strife, horrifying tortures and violence because of the unquestioned power of the church over the states and within the political systems of states.

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Who Supports the Troops?

Troop supporter

A huge sign outside a local tire store really irritated me a couple of weeks ago. Its large letters blared: "WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS." I was tempted to get out of the car and demand that the owner tell me what he was actually doing besides displaying the sign, which probably didn't cost much in money or effort. I suspected that posting the sign was the extent of his "support," but I restrained myself and kept going.

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Oh No! The Cold War Is Back On?

Vladimir Putin

On Monday, the New York Times published a fascinating article entitled “Putin’s Forever War” by Masha Gessen. The article provides a deep insight into the type of mindset that converted the U.S. government into a national-security state and that has led our nation to the dark side.

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House Adopts Anti-Palestinian Resolution

House Foreign Affairs chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Hardline racists infest Washington. On Tuesday, a one-sided bipartisan non-binding House resolution with 71 co-sponsors was adopted by voice vote, no opposition registered.

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America's Non-representative War Government

Barack Obama

"The success of government...," the late historian Edmund Morgan wrote, "requires the acceptance of fictions, requires the willing suspension of disbelief, requires us to believe that the emperor is clothed even though we can see that he is not.”

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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