Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Born-Again Anti-Dictatorship in Syria

assadby Jacob G. Hornberger

When did the U.S. government get religion with respect to Syria’s dictatorship? Sure, right now they’re protesting the Syrian dictatorship’s brutal suppression of a rebellion within the country. They’re issuing all sorts of demands to Syria’s dictator to cease his violence and leave office. Just this past week, they sought to secure some sort of anti-Syrian resolution within the United Nations, without success.

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Is America a Police State?

Police StateYou know you live in a police state when the president allows the military to continuously harass a prisoner against whom no crime has been proven by interrupting him every five minutes of the day to ask him, “Are you okay?” and forces him to stand to attention naked at roll call. What it can do to one man it can do to every man.

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Send in the Clowns…

Leon PanettaSometimes I think that Scott Pelley and the lovely Lara Logan should be drawing their paychecks directly from the paymaster at the Pentagon rather than CBS’s 60 Minutes. They never pass an opportunity to cheerlead the latest drone strike or pull a punch that should be aimed at a military booster.

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Genocidal Dayton Constitution!

BosniaConvene an All – B.I.H. Constitutional Convention to Replace Holbrooke’s Genocidal Dayton Constitution!

I served as Legal Advisor to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Delegation to the Vance-Owen Negotiations in New York in March of 1993. The Vance-Owen Plan would have cantonized, paralyzed and dysfunctionalized  R.B.I.H. along the lines of Lebanon, but would have kept the existence of R.B.I.H as a State under international law. When the genocidaireRadovan Karadžić rejected the V-O Plan, the Great Powers of the world decided to punish R.B.I.H.by terminating its existence as a State by means of the Owen-Stoltenberg Plan.

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City of Brotherly Love Event Promotes War and Hate

Alan DershowitzOn February 2, notorious hatemonger Alan Dershowitz keynoted a Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia (JFGP)/Hillel of Greater Philadelphia "Evening of Unity & Community Solidarity" with Israel.

Inviting him was disgraceful. He's a shameless bigot, a longstanding Islamophobe, a perverter of fundamental US and international law, an advocate of war, torture targeted assassinations, and collective punishment, as well as a committed Zionist and apologist for Israel's worst crimes.

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