Friday, May 22, 2015
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Can Libya's NTC secure the country?

Militias still run their own prisons and man their own checkpoints across the Omar al-Saleh

Libyan authorities lost control of Tripoli airport on Monday when militiamen from Tarhouna, angry about the possible arrest of their commander, occupied the runway. They finally regained control after an hours-long standoff. What does this mean for the Libyan government, and for the new Libya?

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Drug War Congressman Bites the Dust

Drug Warby Jacob G. Hornberger

The times they are a-changin’!

A pro-drug war congressman from El Paso, Silvestre Reyes, a Democrat, has just been defeated in his bid for reelection by a man named Beto O’Rourke. And take a wild guess what O’Rourke’s principal issue was: drug legalization. Why, Reyes didn’t even make a run-off since O’Rourke walked away with 50.4 percent of the primary vote. I hope Reyes isn’t addicted to political power because come January he’s going to have some serious withdrawal pains.

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Hands Off Syria

libya_syria_iranby Ivan Eland

The recent massacre by the Syrian government of 108 people, mostly women and children, will inevitably put intense pressure on a reluctant Obama administration to take out President Bashar al-Assad using force. As was obvious when the United States evicted Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi after he threatened to kill lots of his compatriots, hawks thirsting for future American intervention in the world will use this as a bloodless (that is, free of American blood) model to depose dictators from the air. But the administration, which also has been rash in its expansion of the drone war against al-Qaeda and related groups, has wisely avoided intervention in Syria for a variety of good reasons.

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Wisconsin's Recall Election

Republican Governor Scott WalkerWinter 2011 witnessed an epic worker rights battle. Wisconsin public workers challenged Republican Governor Scott Walker.

He won round one. Workers get another chance. On June 5, they'll choose between him and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Neither offers much choice. Lieutenant governor and four senate seats are also up for grabs.

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Thus spoke the Minister

Eli Yishaiby Adam Keller

Thus spoke The Minister of the Interior of the State of Israel: "They called me a racist, hater of children, sinister  and cruel, but I knew that finally everybody will realize I was right. The Sudanese are chasing women and raping them. I know that many women in Tel Aviv were raped and are afraid to complain, because they don't want to be stigmatized as HIV carriers.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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