Monday, September 01, 2014
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Open Borders Doesn’t Mean No Borders

immigration-reformby Jacob G. Hornberger

Whenever libertarians bring up the idea of open borders, some people in the controlled-borders crowd immediately go ballistic, exclaiming. “But borders are essential to preserve our national sovereignty. If we abolish borders, our nation will cease to exist.”

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Khader Adnan: Israeli Prisoner of Conscience

Khader Adnan Mohammad MusaIn 1948, brute force established Israel. In 1967, militarized occupation of one-fifth of former Palestine followed.

An entire people suffer. Collective punishment is official policy. So are torture, violence, land theft, apartheid, injustice, and other forms of state-sponsored terror.

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No Matter Who Wins, Americans Lose

2012-elecby Joel S. Hirschhorn

Why am I so sick of all the media attention to the Republican presidential primaries and all the blabbering about President Obama’s advantages and disadvantages for the coming election? I just cannot get excited. My answer may also be yours: No matter who wins, our nation loses.

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The Florida keys

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich cheer as he arrives at a rally in Florida [Reuters]By Alan Fisher

The Florida primary is always an important point in the presidential nomination process in the US.  But after Newt Gingrich’s surprising turnaround win in South Carolina, it now takes on added significance.

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Targeting AIPAC

AIPAC On January 23, Occupy AIPAC announced plans to confront the powerful Israeli Lobby in Washington from March 2 - 6.

Since last September, OWS inspired affiliate groups. Among others they include Occupy Together, Occupy Everything, Occupy Arrests, Occupy Police, Occupy Marines, Occupy Veterans, Occupy Writers, Occupy Filmakers, Occupy Schools, Occupy the World Wide Web, Occupy Freedom, Occupy NATO, Occupy Congress, Occupy the White House, and Occupy Your State Capital America.

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