Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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The Presumptive Tax Dodger

Mitt Romney, AnnWho knows why Mitt Romney doesn’t release his old tax records. Maybe he’s stubborn. Nobody likes being told what to do. Could be an incredibly simple explanation like he lost them and is embarrassed. For all we know the accordion file of old returns fell off a shelf in the garage and is buried under a pile of old bikes and unopened anniversary gifts.

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US Proxy Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria

US ProxyWashington's agenda involves death squad diplomacy. Evidence mounts proving it. It's standard practice in all US direct and proxy wars. It's how America treats its enemies.

Massacres and unspeakable atrocities are committed. Women are raped. Civilians are treated like combatants. They're indiscriminately killed.

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Chavez Riding High in Polls

ChavezBolivarianism remains overwhelmingly popular. So is Chavez. He heads the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

In 1999, he transformed the nation into a Bolivarian republic. It's based on "solidarity, fraternity, love, justice, liberty and equality."

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Aurora, American violence, and amnesia

James Holmes appears in court for first time after killing 12 and injuring 58 in ColoradoWhat happened in the Aurora movie theatre at midnight on July 20 was certainly an acute personal tragedy for the victims and their families, and a life-threatening scare for all those who escaped the gunman's lethal rage.

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Gaza, Get an Airport or Get a Life

Fidaa Abu AssiAnd thereby hangs a tale. And therein lies my pain. What worsens the situation and doubles the pain is that all moves around, oblivious to every fact on the ground. I seem destined to suffer each time I have to cross the Rafah border into Egypt. My story is not worth mentioning as compared to other ghastly stories whose ending is shaped by the Palestinian-Egyptian mood by which the conflict is once eased and million times further complicated. Unluckily, the latter has always been my case whenever I need to travel. And this makes the odyssey of crossing the Rafah-border worth telling. “Why don’t Palestinians have an airport?” it’s the joke that kills me the most.

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