Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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The Devil Sings Again

Itamar Yaoz-KestIsrael National News published today a poem by Itamar Yaoz-Kest, a Holocaust survivor. The poem is presented as “letter-poem in reply to German Günter Grass’ attack.”

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Scoundrels Attack Gunter Grass Truths

Gunter GrassTouching the most sensitive nerves has risks. Nearly always hostile responses follow.

Criticizing Israel is the third rail of US politics. It's also largely off limits in scoundrel media managed news, op-eds, and editorials.

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BBC censors 'Palestine'

BBCThe BBC censors the word “Palestine” and, in addition, using the BBC Search function one finds that the BBC  completely censors the term “Palestinian Holocaust”  (2 million dead) and largely censors out the term “Palestinian Genocide” (2 million dead,  7 million refugees, 90% of Palestine ethnically cleansed and only 6% of 12 million Palestinians can vote for the government of Apartheid Israel that rules all of historical Palestine plus an ethnically cleansed part of Syria). In addition to its blatant anti-Arab anti-Semitism, the anti-Semitic BBC exhibits anti-Jewish anti-Semitism by censoring out the “anti-racist Jew”, “anti-racist Jews” and “anti-racist Jewish” humanitarians.

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Obama Wreaks Duplicity

ahmadinejad-obamaLike most in Congress, he serves wealth and power alone. People needs don't matter. Rule of law principles are spurned.

Peace is deplored. War is official policy. So are other duplicitous foreign policies for unchallenged global dominance.

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Censorship by the BBC

bbc_newsHow the BBC whitewashes US-UK atrocities

Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of people around the world have grown up listening to the words “This is the BBC” and being variously deceived by the pro-Zionist, pro-US, pro-imperialism, pro-neocolonialism censorship of the BBC, an organization with an appalling record of Anglocentric and Eurocentric censorship, lying by omission and lying by commission. 

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