Sunday, November 23, 2014
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The Time for Soul-Searching Has Arrived

Iraqi Christiansby Jacob G. Hornberger

How ironic. Countless American Christians supported the U.S. government’s war of aggression on Iraq, and now consider this headline from last Sunday’s New York Times: “Exodus from North Signals Iraqi Christians’ Slow Decline.”

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War, Occupation, and Massacre

civilian-casualtiesThe latest massacre in Afghanistan is just one more in a long history of US atrocities. Most of these acts by US troops go unnoticed - hardly rating a mention on the nightly news. Why has this news report broken through the wall of silence? And why is there a media reaction to it? The media has ignored so many other atrocities. When interviewed by Leslie Stahl on CBS, Sixty Minutes (May 12, 1996) Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stated that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children were worth it. 

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The Northwestern Law: Give him an offer he can’t refuse!

Reagan’s Attorney General Edmund MeeseIllinois Law: Boyle, a specialist in international law, said Meese should be allowed to speak, but not as the university's guest to honor the Constitution.

Back in early 1987 the ex-Dean of the University of Illinois College of Law (we later got canned—note that Dean Rodriguez) publicly announced that the Keynote Speaker at our Campus Celebration of the 200th  anniversary of the United States Constitution would be Reagan’s Attorney General Edmund Meese in order “to honor” the Constitution. As I immediately told the news media at that time, this would be like asking Attila the Hun to speak “in honor” of Virginity. Meese repeatedly raped the Constitution for Reagan. So we immediately organized a Citizen’s Protest right outside where Meese was speaking entitled “We The People.”

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Foreign Aid and the Empire

US Empireby Jacob G. Hornberger

The pro-empire crowd sometimes claims that the U.S. Empire is different from other empires in history in that it doesn’t try to acquire foreign lands. They fail to grasp the real nature of the U.S. Empire. It isn’t about acquiring foreign lands, it’s about acquiring control over foreign regimes. And its model is based pretty much on how the Soviet Empire handled its domain in East Germany and Eastern Europe — by putting into power pro-U.S. regimes composed of local officials whose loyalty to the empire is then purchased with U.S. foreign aid, much of which ultimately finds itself in the bank accounts of such officials.

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Israel Terror Bombs Gaza

Gaza BombingImagine living years under deplorable isolated siege conditions. Imagine also enduring regular Israeli land, sea and air attacks.

Gazan resistance groups launch Grad missiles, home-made rockets, and mortar shells in self-defense. Israel calls them "unprovoked" attacks. Palestinian freedom fighters vow to continue their liberating struggle. Under international law, it's their right, and for them a duty.

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