Friday, April 25, 2014
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War Winds Target Iran

iran_nuclear_energyAnti-Iranian rhetoric and saber rattling is one thing, baseless accusations another if serve as pretext for aggressive war.

Whether or not it's coming isn't known. Heated tensions are worrisome if boil over. Leaked information on an imminent IAEA report may or may not precipitate it even though what's coming lacks credibility.

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Bahrain's Courageous Doctors

bahrain-medicsBy Adil E. Shamoo

The United States continues to ignore the thwarted Arab Spring in Bahrain. Recently, a quasi-military court in the small Gulf state sentenced 20 doctors and nurses to up to 15 years in jail. The charge against them? Treating injured demonstrators opposing the regime.

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Kardashian wedding shenanigans

Kim KardashianBy Alan Fisher

America has long had an obsession with celebrity. It fuelled the fan magazines of the 1930s and 40s. In the 50s and 60s, Hollywood manufactured the images of the stars like the "dashing" Errol Flynn and the "womanising" Rock Hudson, carefully hiding the drug taking, alcohol abuse and homosexuality that the studio bosses feared would put off audiences, destroy careers and, more worryingly, damage profits.

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On Second Thought

schoolsPublic schools are important...

On second thought, government public schools teach an inaccurate view of world history. That leads to xenophobia, false patriotism, and war. Maybe education is too important to be left to the government. Maybe it would be better to have publicly funded private education that gives all families, rich and poor, a fair choice.  The important question is: "Should government have the final say, or should families have the final say in the type of education for their children?"

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The Delta of Denial

capitolSlamming DC. Itmay be the singular most popular political game around today. Everybody doesit. Even incumbents go out of their way to blame Washington for everythingthat’s wrong with the country. A lot like a baseball manager complaining thathis team suffers from a crippling lack of quality coaching.

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