Sunday, August 30, 2015
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Romney's crucial VP pick

Mitt Romney by Alan Fisher

Mitt Romney will be pleased to be back on American soil after a foreign jaunt which probably couldn't have gone much worse.

He annoyed the British with criticisms of the Olympics, upset the Palestinians by claiming Israel's economic superiority was a cultural thing and then a close aide urged reporters to show more respect at a Polish War memorial by swearing at them.

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The Drug War Finds New Ways to Fail

Drug Warby Ivan Eland

The federal government’s effort to battle drug abuse has been a tragic and expensive failure. But of course, admitting that would make politicians, who regularly endorse it to sound tough, seem foolish and careless with taxpayer dollars. So the War on Drugs continues, while of necessity it slowly morphs into new forms of federal waste and unnecessary intrusion into people’s lives.

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Deranged Angels of Self-Preservation

gunsSecond Amendment fetishism and the empty grandiosity of Hollywood’s comic book boilerplate
by Phil Rockstroh

In the contest between Stupid and Evil, Stupid reaps far more destruction. Why? Stupid prevails by the sheer force of numbers in its ranks. 

But the argument is moot: Because all too often Stupid is working for Evil…believing it is serving as a force for good…and, I might add, for degrading wages as well.

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Permanent War: Official US Policy

car-bombsNations don’t wage permanent wars and survive. Imagine one calling itself a democracy trying.

Washington spends more on militarism and imperial wars than the rest of the world combined. At the same time, vital domestic needs go begging.

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The Presumptive Tax Dodger

Mitt Romney, AnnWho knows why Mitt Romney doesn’t release his old tax records. Maybe he’s stubborn. Nobody likes being told what to do. Could be an incredibly simple explanation like he lost them and is embarrassed. For all we know the accordion file of old returns fell off a shelf in the garage and is buried under a pile of old bikes and unopened anniversary gifts.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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