Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Democratic or Theocratic rule for the Muslims


by Nasir Khan

Islam is a religion, a great religion, but it not a political ideology for multicultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic societies of the present times. It contains some golden principles such as equality, fairness and justice that are applicable in politics because such universal principles are recognised as the pillars of democracy and open society. But that does not mean religion, any religion for that matter, can be an alternative to democratic form of government because this inevitably leads to the concentration of power and influence in the hands of some potentates and despots.

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The Orange and Black


Here it comes. Creeping down dark alleys. Overturning garbage cans and spooking black cats. The scariest day of the year. With the exception of your next birthday, that is. Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. The night preceding All Saint’s Day. Time to carve a gourd.

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So Much For Obama's 'Transparency'


President Obama, who pledged to run a "transparent" White House, instead is threatening reporters with trial and imprisonment if they don't reveal the identities of officials who leak information about government wrongdoing.

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Irritation with Mediacracy

Russell Brand

by Jonathan Cook

Russell Brand, is getting plenty of exposure in the British media at the moment as he plugs his new book, Revolution (and there’s no shame in that!).

It is worth noting the differences between the Brand who was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight last year and the Brand who now faces off with Paxman’s dull successor, Evan Davis (see the interview below), as well as the differences in the reception of the two interviews.

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Tunisia: The Arab world's full-fledged democracy?

Tunisia's youth

by Soumaya Ghannoushi

The spoils of the Arab Spring have been divided among many. If the most obvious beneficiaries have been the old guard, Arab autocrats and their foreign allies, who have an equal interest in keeping the region firmly under their thumb, they have not been the only ones. Al-Qaeda's share of the spoils has been substantial.

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