Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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The Horror of Endless Interventionism


When the U.S. government invaded Iraq in 2003, I wonder how many U.S. officials contemplated the possibility that the cycle of death and destruction that they were initiating would be continuing 13 years later.

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Donald Trump, Hawk

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is no peacenik. Leave aside Trump's proclamation that he "love[s] war" and unpredictability, and that he is more "militaristic" than anyone. Forget that he wants to enlarge the military and that he refuses to forswear first use of nuclear weapons. Ignore his bellicosity toward Iran and China or his promise to support Israel unconditionally. Pay no attention to Trump's 2002 endorsement of the invasion of Iraq and his imploring Obama to invade Libya and overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

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Brexit and Pseudo Science


British Mainstream Media is at pains to persuade a credulous public that the sharp rise in the FTSE, in equally sharp inverse relation to the dramatic fall in Sterling is due to the boost to British business from increased sales and repatriation of earnings abroad boosting their revenue. What nonsense! There is however, a logical answer.

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Hacking the Hackers


U.S. officials are hacked off. They’re saying that the Russians (read: communists) hacked into the Democratic Party’s computers. Never mind U.S. officials haven’t shown any evidence to support their allegation.

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Can Jews ever leave their Cult?


Baruch Spinoza left the Jews. Heinrich Heine became a Christian. A few others, such as Israel Shamir and me, a decade ago, simply drifted away.

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