Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Obama Wreaks Duplicity

ahmadinejad-obamaLike most in Congress, he serves wealth and power alone. People needs don't matter. Rule of law principles are spurned.

Peace is deplored. War is official policy. So are other duplicitous foreign policies for unchallenged global dominance.

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Censorship by the BBC

bbc_newsHow the BBC whitewashes US-UK atrocities

Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of people around the world have grown up listening to the words “This is the BBC” and being variously deceived by the pro-Zionist, pro-US, pro-imperialism, pro-neocolonialism censorship of the BBC, an organization with an appalling record of Anglocentric and Eurocentric censorship, lying by omission and lying by commission. 

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Abdulhadi al-Khawaja: Dying for Justice

An image taken by his lawyer Mohamed al-Jishi on Saturday shows Khawaja in a hospital bed Bahrain's Al-Khalifa monarchy is one of the world's most ruthless despotic regimes. It's also a valued US ally.

It's one of many other regional ones, notably Saudi Arabia, the worst of the lot.

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Pentagon Trained Terrorists In Nevada to Use Against Iran

mkoThe Pentagon trained members of the dissident Iranian terrorist group M.E.K. in Nevada starting in 2005, after which they returned to Iran and may have engaged in covert activities, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh reports in the April 6th issue of “The New Yorker” magazine.

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Draconian Cybersecurity Bills

internet-censorshipBipartisan complicity's involved in hyping cyber threats. At issue is promoting draconian cybersecurity legislation.

Obama supports congressional effects. Internet freedom's at stake. So are other civil liberties.

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