Saturday, November 01, 2014
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A Real Job for the Vice President: Leading Congress

biden-obamaThe vice presidency has been a joke for most of the nation’s history. The first vice president, John Adams, said it was "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived." Woodrow Wilson’s VP, Thomas Marshall quipped "Once there were two brothers. One went away to sea; the other was elected vice president. And nothing was heard of either of them again." FDR’s first vice president, John Nance Garner, who had served as a powerful speaker of the house, said his new office was "not worth a pitcher of warm piss."

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Spoiling for War on Syria

clashNearly a year ago, Western-backed insurgent violence erupted. Heavily armed foreign fighters supplemented internal ones. Al Qaeda's very much involved.

Russian and Chinese peace initiatives are spurned. Washington, rogue NATO partners, and pro-Western regional allies want conflict.

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Romney's Auto Bail-out Billionaires

John PaulsonTop funders made billions from US Treasury

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney called the federal government's 2009 bail-out of the auto industry, "nothing more than crony capitalism, Obama style... a reward for his big donors to his campaign." In fact, the biggest rewards - a windfall of more than two billion dollars care of US taxpayers -- went to Romney's two top contributors.

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Don’t Northwoods Iran

Iranby Jacob G. Hornberger

All the buzz over possible war with Iraq brings us a déjà vu feeling, given that U.S. officials prepared Americans with similar pre-war hype in the run up to their war on Iraq. WMDs. Mushroom clouds over American cities. An insane dictator. Threats to national security. Etcetera.

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Zionist Immoral Intervention

Alan DershowitzAlan Dershowitz - Zionut extrordinaire

Alan Dershowitz is whining again, this time on the pages of the Jerusalem Post. Apparently The Friends Seminary of New York which assigned its students to read my papers and invited me to attend a class, has made it clear to Israeli ethnic cleanser apologist that he was not welcome in its premises.

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