Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Precisely Pivoting Polls

2112-electionNow the general election has unofficially begun, you and I and pretty much everyone dear to us, except of course, beleaguered Kansas City Royal fans who eat BBQ at least twice a week, are about to be buried under such a blizzard of polls, we’ll be lucky to evade frostbite burns.

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La Gratuite Scolaire

Students in QuebecSupport of Students in Quebec

The students of Quebec are not only fighting tuition hikes in their own province, they are leading the charge against crippling austerity measures forced upon citizens throughout the capitalist world. The importance, the vital necessity, of fighting austerity is reflected in this single issue.

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Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard

Israel, HarvardHarvard's motto is "VERITAS (truth)." Its shield displays it. So do rings students buy.

It wasn't present at Harvard's April 19 - 20 Israel Conference (IC). Perhaps an invitation wasn't extended.

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Romney ready to run

Mitt Romneyby Alan Fisher

Mitt Romney is now talking and acting like the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. He hasn’t won all the delegates he needs, but failing a catastrophic turn of events, he will be the man to face Barack Obama in November.

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Zio-Nazi group attacks academics critical of Israel

Zio-Naziby Khalid Amayreh

A small supremacist Jewish group is launching a smear campaign against a number of professors and academics on North American campuses for daring to criticize racist Israeli policies against native Palestinians.

The group, called Campus Watch and headed by David Horowitz, an extremist Zionist stalwart, has published advertisements inciting to hatred against a number of prominent professors on American campuses.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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