Thursday, August 25, 2016
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'Mr. Obama, Tear Down These sanctions!'

SyriaThis observer has learned from time in this region that if one wants to learn what is happening on the ground politically and socially it is fine to speak with government officials, journalists, long tenured academicians, NGO’s, and people on the street. But I have learned that one of the best sources of objective information comes from university students. As explained to one official the other day, if ones sit with half a dozen graduate students one is sure to witness and benefit from a spirited, challenging exchange with varying points of view and few expressed without having to justify to the others one’s positions or interpretation of events.

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The Hagel Brouhaha

chuck hagel, obamaWashington is going through one of its regular melodramas with President Obama’s nomination of former senator Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense. (In light of America’s foreign policy, this is a title worthy of George Orwell; the position should be renamed the “secretary of war.”)

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Dying from Green on Blue

U.S. soldierDo you ever wonder about the final thoughts of a U.S. soldier who has just been shot by one of his compatriots in the Afghan army? After all, his killer is one of the guys he’s been training and supporting in the Pentagon’s 12-year project to “rebuild Afghanistan.” The GI turns his back, finds himself riddled with bullets from a gun fired by the guy he armed and trusted a few minutes before, and realizes that he’s now dying.

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Anti-Chavez Media War Rages

Hugo ChavezIt shouldn't surprise. It raged throughout his tenure. It continues while he's ill. It vilifies progressive Bolivarianism. It wants neoliberal harshness replacing it.

It ignores responsible social reform. It's dismissive of Chavez's overwhelming popularity. He rescued Venezuela from its ugly past. Millions won't tolerate returning to what they deplore.

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The Next Big Thing

al-awlakiThe political theatre in Washington is nothing but a media show to keep the masses under control in order to keep them ignorant of what the real situation is. This charade that the Democrats and Republicans are delivering to the people makes the masses believe that there is real division and that is the result of electing their representatives to the House and Senate and they come to believe that they have a choice.

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