Monday, November 24, 2014
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Waging War on Truth

Martin PeretzMajor media scoundrel reports, commentaries, and editorials distort, misreport, censor, and suppress. Truth and full disclosure lose out. Readers and viewers deserving better are cheated.

The New Republic's (TNR) owner and former editor-in-chief Martin Peretz ranks with the worst. His columns exclude journalism the way it should be.

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The Persecution of Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewartby Jacob G. Hornberger

Today’s Los Angeles Times has an interesting editorial on the Lynne Stewart case. Stewart is a 72-year-old criminal defense lawyer from New York who is now serving a 10-year sentence in a federal penitentiary. She was convicted in 2005 of supporting terrorism, an offense that arose during her defense of Omar Abdel Rahman, a radical Islamic cleric known as the “blind sheik.”

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Assassination as Speech Suppressor

CIAby Jacob G. Hornberger

As most everyone knows, after President Obama’s reelection, most liberals went silent with respect to the defense of civil liberties and condemnation of the war on terrorism. Of course, there have been a few notable exceptions, such as Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU and others, but by and large liberals ended up doing what conservatives do when their man is in office. They sealed their lips.

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Thoughts on Rush and Judgment

Rush LimbaughSpeaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, Steve Tilley, is planning to honor Rush Limbaugh in the Missouri Capitol’s “Hall of Famous Missourians” this year. He thinks Rush Limbaugh should be on display in the People’s Capitol alongside real heroes like Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Harry Truman, George Washington Carver, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Sacajawea, and Josephine Baker.

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Bahraini Kangaroo Court Trials

bahrain-dialogueA new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report discussed sham show trials in Bahrain titled, "No Justice in Bahrain."

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights said hundreds of unfair, politically motivated trials were conducted for months. Innocent victims were convicted.

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