Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Hats off to Awn Khasawneh

Prime Minister of Jordan, Mr. Awn KhasawnaBy Khalid Amayreh

It is a good omen that the newly-appointed Prime Minister of Jordan, Mr. Awn Khasawna, has finally admitted publicly that the expulsion of Hamas leaders from Jordan in 1999 was wrong.

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Metallica; Heavy Metal, Rock, Blues & Jazz’s Origins

magical-musicIn a splurge of glittering but garish display of wealth by India’s nouveau riche elites, corporate and political, many having become obscenely rich via 2-G, CWG, Nrega , criminal land grab and a host of other scams , there are spectacles for the enjoyment of the rich like Formula One Race, followed by a performance by one Lady Gaga ( the more outlandish, the more appreciated ), the current generation avatar of  the Material Girl Madona but without the latter’s raw and almost vulgar overt sexuality, India’s ruling minority joined the international fraternity of the exclusive elite when the Buddha (poor Gautam Buddha) International Circuit, costing $ 250 million, Formula One racing circuit in Greater Noida, near Delhi was inaugurated by India’s tallest Dalit leader Mayawati, while the milling and toiling masses cross poverty line at Rs 32 (less than a dollar) per day in urban India (while we slipped down to 134 among 187 countries in human development index, based on long-term progress in health, education and other indicators, from 119 out of 169 in 2010 )

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Obama's Legacy of Shame

Obama's LegacyPromising change after eight Bush/Republican years, Obama delivered betrayal.

With congressional Democrats, he exceeded Bush's harshness, lawlessness, belligerency, and public trust betrayal.

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The Logical Outcome of the Occupy Movement

Occupy MovementWhen the media asks people in the Occupy Movement what it is they want, the answer given by those that understand what the movement is all about, give their reasons for being there but add that they are not speaking for the movement, only for themselves. This is the purest form of democracy. Claiming to represent anyone else besides you is the correct way to respond. Most of us have many of the same goals, but it would be presumptuous to say that anyone represents the movement.

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Neocon Lamentations on Iraq

protestersby Jacob G. Hornberger

Neocons are attacking President Obama for his plan to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq by the end of December. Never mind that Obama is operating under the contractual agreement entered into between former President Bush and the Iraqi regime his invasion installed into power. And never mind that there will still be thousands of U.S. diplomats, military personnel, security people, contractors, and CIA spies and assassins in the vast Vatican-sized U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. What matters is that Obama had a moral duty, the neocons say, of continuing the U.S. occupation of Iraq indefinitely into the future.

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