Sunday, May 01, 2016
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What Foreign-Policy Debate?

Barack ObamaMost everybody is commenting on how last night’s foreign policy “debate” wasn’t really a debate at all, given the extent to which Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have the same views on foreign policy. I don’t see how this could surprise anyone, not only because Democrats and Republicans have long shared the same overall philosophy on foreign policy but also because Obama abandoned his pre-2008 campaign promises on Guantanamo and civil liberties and essentially converted his administration into George W. Bush’s third term in office.

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Direct US/Iran Nuclear Talks

Nuclear TalksTo talk or not to talk. What's sensible is twisted to be complicated. Claiming an existential Iranian threat is red herring cover. At issue is long-planned regime change.

Washington's had no direct diplomatic relations with Iran since 1980. Instead of forthrightly explaining why, the State Department said America "has long-standing concerns over Iran's nuclear program, sponsorship of terrorism, and human rights records."

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No ceasefire this Eid al Adha in Syria

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWSInternational peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, who represents the UN and the Arab League, just left Damascus after urging the government and the rebels to observe a 4 day truce over the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, which this year begins at dusk on October 25th. Also called the Feast of the Sacrifice, Adha is a Muslim holiday which commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) willingness to sacrifice his eldest son Ismael, in obedience to a command from God.

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Romney's dangerous foreign policy shift

Mitt Romneyby Alan Fisher

President Barack Obama decided to come out in the third debate and attack. And the instant polls on the US TV networks gave him the win by some considerable distance.

Mitt Romney's approach was considered although, certainly in the early stages, markedly less confident than in the two previous contests.

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US election defies conventional wisdom

obama romneyby Alan Fisher

Conventional wisdom is a dangerous thing. And if this US election has done anything – it is challenge the idea of how things are and should be.

The phrase was coined and popularised by the Canadian American economist John Kenneth Galbraith who defined it as "a body of ideas of explanations generally accepted as true by the public or by experts in a field". Yet what is not said is that many of these explanations, though widely held, are rarely examined.

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