Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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Code name: 'Olympic Games'... Stuxnet, Duku & Flame

bloggersIf you think your computer MIGHT be vulnerable to hackers.... you're probably right.

Almost every week these days, I get an email from someone's infected computer, asking me to open an attachment. It was a local reporter's system last week. Maybe it will be yours next. Maybe it will be mine.

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Assassination, Conformity, and Conscience

CIAby Jacob G. Hornberger

As most every American knows, we now live in a country in which the ruler possesses the unfettered power to assassinate his citizens. What an extraordinary situation. Who would have ever thought that America would end up with a governmental system in which the ruler possessed such omnipotent power?

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War of Words Over Turkish Aircraft Incident

erdoganOn Friday, Turkey provocatively flew two warplanes at low altitude over Syrian airspace. Perhaps it was testing its defense systems or probing for other reactions.

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US Support of Dictatorship Leads to Anti-American Anger in Bahrain

al-khalifa-clintonby Jacob G. Hornberger

The people of Bahrain are figuring out what libertarians have long been saying about U.S. foreign policy — that the U.S. government is sometimes partly responsible for the tyranny under which people are suffering and have suffered for a very long time, which then produces anger and hatred toward the United States, which then sometimes manifests itself in acts of anti-American terrorism.

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Whom should we put on our kill list?

Wall Streetby Luke Hiken and Marti Hiken

Now that Obama and his handlers at the Pentagon have informed us that it is legal, appropriate and acceptable to have a “kill list,” we’ve actually warmed up to the subject. After all, if Obama can have a kill list, so should every good American. We sat down and thought about those we would put on a “kill list” if we ever got the chance. We tried to imagine whether we actually could come up with a valid list of who our real enemies should be: capitalists, weapons manufacturers….  There were so many targets to consider.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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