Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Democratization: Indigenous Beats Imported

tareq-al-hashimiby Ivan Eland

Despite George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s efforts to topple foreign dictators and use military power to forcefully impose democracy from without, democracy usually works better if it bubbles up from below by popular desire.

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Free-Market Medicine- A Personal Account

Free-Market Medicineby Michael Parenti

When I recently went to Alta Bates hospital for surgery, I discovered that legal procedures take precedence over medical ones. I had to sign intimidating statements about financial counseling, indemnity, patient responsibilities, consent to treatment, use of electronic technologies, and the like.

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Obama's Failed State of the Union

State of the UnionIt was typical Obama, taking credit for what should be condemned. He's a fraud, a crime boss, a war criminal multiple times over, a moral coward, and serial liar.

His State of the Union address was beginning-to-end doublespeak, duplicity, coverup, and denial of failed policies complicit with Wall Street crooks, war profiteers, and other corporate favorites while popular needs go begging.

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Two Hand-baskets to Hell

State of the UnionObama is the best campaigner I have ever seen. If the Republicans nominate Gingrich, it will be fun to watch him take apart such a baggage-laden, unstable miscreant. It will be a choice between the lesser of two demagogues.

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Occupying Libido

Newt GingrichNegotiating a landscape of hypocrisy and hungry ghosts 
By Phil Rockstroh

When Bill Clinton and his scary, scary libido stalked the public realm, Republicans warned his presence was so anathema to all things holy that his hot breath served to salt the wings of choirs of angels.

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