Saturday, August 27, 2016
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Veepstakes 16- Clinton


A Vice Presidential pick is a defining moment in a campaign, motivating nominees to utilize unique strategies. Some try to accentuate their heavyweight status by partnering up with less vibrant versions of themselves in what might be called the “Bad Xerox Without Any Toner” maneuver. Think… Dan Quayle.

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The Murder of the Dallas Cop Killer


No matter how many cops that Micah Johnson shot and killed, the Dallas Police Department had no legitimate authority to murder him. And that is precisely what they did — they murdered the man, no doubt motivated by anger and rage over Johnson’s having killed five cops and wounded seven others.

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Hillary Clinton - A Specter Haunting the Entire World

Hillary Clinton

The Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, still gets high marks at least in Europe, compared to the Republican candidate Donald Trump, demonized by corporate media because of his outlandish remarks about Muslims, women, the wall with Mexico, and other bizarre statements he had made.

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Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has helped to bring attention to the problem of the large number of civilians who are killed by police. By focusing on black lives, the movement risks falling into one of the larger traps that have been set to divide us.

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Rodrigo Duterte: New Drug War Poster Child

Rodrigo Duterte

If you would like to see where “winning” the drug war would take America, consider what Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte, who is undoubtedly the new poster boy of very American drug-war proponent, is doing in that country.

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