Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Psycho Killers


If you are squeamish, you shouldn’t read this article. This isn't a treatise on how wonderful life is and how we can change the World. The facts are we can't change anything. Change may come, but it might not be the change you long for. I believe this nation, along with the rest of the World is in a tailspin with psychopaths running the show.

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US Christians Erect an Idol


North Korean authorities recently released an American citizen who had been accused of proselytizing for Christianity in North Korea, where such conduct is a criminal offense.

Why would the communist authorities in North Korea care if people are practicing Christianity? Because government officials are afraid that Christians might give foremost allegiance to God rather than to the government, especially in areas where the government’s actions contradict the laws of God.

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Recognizing Palestinian Self-Determination


A universal right. "Based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples," according to the UN Charter, Article 1. A fundamental human right. "Everyone…entitled to all" Universal Declaration of Human Rights "freedoms…"

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Remembrance Isn’t Enough


On November 11th Canadians commemorate the fallen, the lost lives of the men that have been killed in service to the nation in World War 1 as well as wars since then. We thank them for what they have done in their efforts to preserve freedom and democracy.

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Stop Those Who Would Stop Uber


The nerve of some people! Imagine coming to a city and doing business without first asking permission from local officials!

That’s what Uber has done in cities all over the United States and Europe, and it’s created quite a storm among politicians and licensed taxi drivers, who have held up traffic in, among other places, Boston, London, and Paris just to stamp their feet at the high-tech competition.

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