Friday, August 29, 2014
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Pandora’s box of worms

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner

In a move less surprising than hot dogs at a ballgame, the House of Representatives voted Speaker John Boehner the authority to sue the President of the United States. This isn’t like a divorce, or a civil suit for money, it’s more of a restraining order. They want Obama to quit trying to resuscitate the government they’ve been working so hard to render unconscious.

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UN, Japan, Concealing Extent of Fukushima Catastrophe

Fukushima CatastropheJapanese and United Nations authorities have placed "a cone of silence" over medical information an endangered Japanese public is entitled to have about the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown.

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Physical and mental tunnels

Rabin Square in Tel Aviv

by Adam Keller

On Wednesday afternoon I went into our neighborhood pizzeria and noticed that their TV was no longer tuned to the non­stop 24­hour war channel. Rather, there was a non­Israeli music channel featuring a Spanish guitar player. That evening came the news that the army had presented to the Inner Cabinet a detailed plan for the complete conquest of the Gaza Strip, forecasting months of fighting and hundreds – possibly thousands – of dead Israeli soldiers. Even the outspoken cabinet war hawks Lieberman and Bennet shied away from supporting that plan.

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CPUC Releases Secret Report on San Onofre's steam generator failure...

San Onofre's steam generator

Robert J. Budnitz is a fraud -- or at least, for what we (the ratepayer) paid (almost $5,000 of a $150,000 contract), we (and the CPUC) got exactly nothing. According to Budnitz's report, Budnitz successfully figured out that the new RSG design was different from the old one, and also different from Diablo Canyon's steam generator design.  He therefore concluded the SanO design must have been flawed.  Brilliant?  I think not!

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The Vulture: Chewing Argentina's Living Corpse

Argentina's Living Corpse

A call came in from New York to my bosses at BBC Television Centre, London. It was from one of the knuckle- draggers on the payroll of billionaire Paul Singer, Number One funder for the Republican Party in New York, million-dollar donor to the Mitt Romney super-PAC, and top money-giver to the GOP Senate campaign fund. But better known to us as Singer The Vulture.

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