Monday, July 23, 2018
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Rchard Sigel: The Wandering Who

The Wandering Whoby Rchard Sigel

Even among those who recognize that Zionism and Israel have been a monstrous crime against humanity, there is bitter disagreement as to whether the religion and culture that produced Zionism and Israel are legitimate subjects for examination. This is not the case in medical science, for example.

The usefulness of connecting life habits to cancer, or a bad diet to obesity and other ailments is immediately evident. Thinking holistically about the body and disease is something we accept, and yet thinking holistically about political, sociological, and cultural phenomena is totally taboo, at least when the subject of such holistic thinking is the tribe and religion which has produced the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Even among dedicated Anti-Zionists I am criticized for having nice things to say about Gilad Atzmon and his new book, which is why it's particularly important for me to write this review.

As one who was raised deep in the cult of Atheist-Zionism-posing-as-Judaism I have had to go through a process of coming to terms with the very sick and criminal agenda that I participated in for most of my life. And in exploring the literature that is available on the subject I have come in contact with various essays written by Atzmon.

It has often struck me that ideas which were forming within me, which I feared allowing to gel as they were often so politically incorrect, would invariably be found in Atzmon's essays fully formed and beautifully articulated. He has often made me feel as if I am not the only voice in the wilderness, a good feeling.

And now this new work has been of similar value. Atzmon's writing respects no sacred cows. His wit is biting, his insight and logic compelling. And I find him quite informative. For example, connecting up the Jewish propensity for seeking out influence in powerful places with the story of Purim! Who knew?

But of course- there it is- and it all makes sense. Bravo Mr. Atzmon! Highly recommended.

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