Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Russia to Resolve Constraints on Iran oil Exports

putinWhether under the current Congress led government or BJP led government earlier, India has allowed it to be arm twisted by Washington at the cost of India's political and economic interests. Mercifully, the pot of resentment finally overflowed and taking advantage of the decline of till recent superpower, India said, enough is enough, led by the Foreign service officers.

The Ministry of external affairs has shown Washington its place after US arrested and strip-searched Indian Acting Consul General in New York. The number of concessions unilaterally extended to American diplomats and non-diplomats for decades have now been revealed. It shows how slavish India has been.

Of course US and its dalals aka pimps and pressitutes are crying foul in India. It will affect India-US strategic relations .Between India and US there are only Washington’s strategic interests ,mostly at India’s cost all the time since the Kashmir problem was created by the British. Then in 1962, 1965 and most importantly in 1971, when Washington sent its 6th Fleet to the Bay of Bengal .India has gained little from the India-US Nuclear Treaty, when clueless Indians and US pressitutes led by Shekhar Gupta said that Indian laws will prevail over US laws. How absurd. The efforts were  led by Indian diplomats who had worked in US.
Pray let these persons list what India has gained and lost by this Treaty .Obama was reluctant to even grant a photo op to Indian PM who loves all US presidents white or brown. Because India did not order arms and nuclear power plants as wished by Washington .Indians in US are even less patriotic than those in India.
One of the areas affected has been India's energy security. The oil minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, with a penchant for controversy, tried his best to tie up energy imports, but publicly the US ambassador had the audacity that he be dismissed and George Bush loving Prime Minister agreed

.In this Endeavour, oil and gas from Iran form an important source. India continued to import oil in reduced quantities from Iran as there was little choice because of UN and non-UN sanctions against Iran.
After Putin saw off Obama in the show of force in eastern Mediterranean last year, Moscow now wants to stabilize its influence in the region and build up a peaceful, stable Middle East, Central Asia and South West Asia .Thus U.S.-led Western sanctions which have been breached, should be rolled back.
In this context it is interesting that Russia, which is a major oil exporter will buy almost half a million barrels of Iran oil per day, almost 50% of what it now exports and in exchange, provide Iran, with goods and money .Quite obviously, Moscow does not need the oil, but it will be sold as Russian oil to energy deficient countries like India, China and many other Asian countries.

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