Saturday, February 24, 2018
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I Ching- Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower

The I Ching should be read with joyful caution, for even joy is transient because conditioned. Change inevitable.

Change will bring happiness perhaps joy; certainly pain and the sorrow wrought by the thoughts “is this it? It was so quick”?? Where am I going? “We will all face these questions. Be not afraid but enquire.

The stability of the earth and sun, to be aware of societal obligations, and if so inclined. To reflect deeply on spirituality and its truths. So my (limited understanding) of the illimitable I Ching informs this essay of human tragedy

So do I observe. The divisions in this country described and manifested in the democratic vote for Brexit, was caused by the neglect of the populous in the northern counties. London all important, government legislation all-encompassing for the rich. The inequality for the poor all too apparent.

The blackened ashen shell that was a building where ethnic minorities were shoved is about 500 metres from me and right in front of my home office space. Every time I look up there it is. A place of unimaginable human suffering and unimaginable human indifference.

This indifference of local government, government and on the ground organizational incompetence. Was inclusive of unnecessary death. Creative thinking leads to “creative acts” and is always inclusive of direct thinking and therefore direct action. This is correct human conduct.

Life, to live. Is in one different from the other? Of course, it is how we live, as life courses through us, as life changes over time the contours of our life, the psychological acts that form a productive life I only pray that those that perished experienced liberation of conciseness.

I pray that if trapped, death was swift. I pray for their families and friends who are devastated. I expect criminal charges to be brought by the police and courts. I was overjoyed to see so many had been evacuated and praise the fire brigade that when having brought out persons, went straight back in. and many have been traumatized by the experience and need specialist support.

The success of life, in the form of civilization; lies in improved conditions in mind, sprit, and body, when we consider another as our self. Complacency is a dark cloak wrapped around the body politic governmentally, and locally. Go again to the building and consider you have failed others for who you were, and now through the criminal process responsible. Liberation of conscience comes from doing the right thing.

Test this. So, how complacent was the local government? We shall see. However I condemn not, but ask the question how the unforeseen could have been foreseen. This is a question for the persons that accepted indeed had been given responsibility Then act, be that person that takes a tragedy and becomes one with its consequences and therefore answerable.

The residents had foreseen and warned, the warning was unheeded, death was approaching and Grenfell Towers life force extinguished.

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