Friday, May 27, 2016
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UN seeks Syria aid access as civilians risk starvation UN plans to reach one million Syrians with food deliveries fell short, with only 160,000 receiving assistance.
DR Congo protests against Joseph Kabila turn deadly Rallies called by dissidents to oppose Kabila's plan to stay on as caretaker president after expiry of his second term.
Syria civil war tops Russia-Arab Gulf meeting agenda Meeting in Moscow comes as rebel coalition makes slow progress in campaign to evict ISIL from Raqqa in northern Syria.
Donald Trump 'secures enough delegates' for nomination The AP news agency's delegate count suggests the Republican presidential hopeful already gained 1,238 votes.

Short Lifespan of American Demo-Republicanism

Bill ClintonIt doesn’t seem so long ago when an ambitious political couple holding preteen Chelsea Clinton by the hand was moving from the governor’s mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas, to the august quarters of the White House in D.C. A young Democratic president had just defeated Ronald Reagan’s heir, Papa Bush, and a prophetic populist with a Texan twang, Ross Perot, in the colorful presidential fray of 1992.



Zionism Begins to Unravel

anonymous-israelIdeological movements, be they religious or secular, are demanding and Procrustean movements. By ideological movements I mean those that demand of their adherents resolute belief in some “deep set of truths” posited by a deity, by supposed immutable historical laws, or by some other equally unchallengeable source. Their followers, once initiated, or even just born into the fold, are expected to stay there and, as the saying goes, “keep the faith.”




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Missing the Lessons on Vietnam

In light of President Obama’s current trip to Vietnam, Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Sen. John McCain, and former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerry had a joint op-ed in the New York Times yesterday entitled “Moving On in Vietnam, but Remembering Its...

On (Not) Loving Henry Kissinger

There is an irony that would be amusing if it was not depressing about news that Donald Trump has been courting the 92-year old foreign policy sorcerer Henry Kissinger.

Lieberman as Defense Minister - what next?

"Please don't write about Ya'ir Golan!" a friend begged me, “Anything a leftist like you writes will only harm him!" So I abstained for some weeks. But I can't keep quiet any longer.

U.S. financial regulations increase starvation among Syria’s children

As of May 15, 2016, according to Save the Children and an assortment of UN agencies and NGO’s, nearly 7 million people are displaced within Syria, half of them are children and more than two million of the youngsters are at risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused, or exploited.

The Real Nakba

Al-Nakba is an Arabic term that means the deliberate infliction of a catastrophe on a nation. This term is usually used to refer to the brutal Zionist occupation of Palestine.

General Golan’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech

There are many reasons to lose sleep over the kind of leadership that has risen to the surface in almost every important sovereign state, and this dark generalization pertains as much to democracies as to authoritarian polities.



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Angriest Birds

Arrrggh! Grrrrr! The sound of many teeth gnashing. Foot stamping. Fist pounding. Heavens shouting. The soundtrack of modern life. Folks are just plain angry. Furious. Indignant. Incensed. Irate. Enraged. Outraged. In a constant state of road rage, with or without the roads. Or ‘roids.

Chelsea Manning Seeks Overturn of Wrongful Conviction

Manning was wrongfully imprisoned for courageously revealing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan Pentagon officials want suppressed.

Religious zealots waging a quiet revolution in Israel

by Jonathan Cook

In a surprise move, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week forced out his long-serving defence minister, Moshe Yaalon. As he stepped down, Mr Yaalon warned: “Extremist and dangerous elements have taken over Israel.”

Moshe Ya'alon fixes Netanyahu in resignation speech

Israel's defense minister Moshe Ya'alon was replaced by one of the most extreme politicians in Israel Avigdor Lieberman. The rift between Ya'alon and Netanyahu seems irreconcilable. Right from the start, Ya'alon supported the IDF prosecutors who charged Elor Azaray with the murder that caused an outcry in Israel.

Diplomatic Discourse in Dhaka

Slavery was officially ended in the U.S. on 6 December 1865, that being the date the 13thAmendment to the Constitution was ratified. The whole concept of slavery is now quite rightly an anathema to all, and no-one would seek to suggest that the U.S. is an enemy of the most basic human rights and fundamental freedom given its historical position.

UK Labour to open re-education camps?

by Jonathan Cook

The manufactured “anti-semitism crisis” in the British Labour party rumbles on into new realms of ideological insanity. The witch-hunt against commentary critical of Israel or Zionism has been in full flow, and now an internal party inquiry led by Jan Royall has reached its conclusions.



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