Friday, July 31, 2015
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#Taliban elects new leader after Mullah Omar's death Taliban sources say that Mullah Akhtar Mansoor is new leader of the group, confirming death of Mullah Omar.
Man goes on stabbing spree at #Jerusalem gay parade Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, who stabbed at least six people, was convicted of a similar attack 10 years ago.
How potato could solve China's future food needs Rice is at centre of China's cuisine but nation of over one billion people is exploring to develop potato as new staple.
US to deliver F-16 aircraft to #Egypt Washington to deliver eight aircraft to Egypt within the next two days, US embassy in Cairo says in a statement.

Alliance Blackmail: Israel’s Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Michael OrenThe Vienna Agreement [formally labeled by diplospeak as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)] reached by the P5 + 1 on July 14, 2015 has been aptly hailed as a political breakthrough, not only because it calms regional worries about Iran’s nuclear program, but more so because it has the potential to remove an ugly dimension of conflict from the regional turmoil in the Middle East.



Trumping Political Success through an Irate Silent Majority

Donald TrumpFour years ago Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga rebirthed the musical-cicada of the 1937 song, “The Lady Is a Tramp”… which makes me think that maybe we could be facing in 2016 a re-enactment of the 1968 presidential election, this time Donald Trump taking the role of George Wallace; a political musical that could appropriately be given the lyrical title, “The Politician Is a Trump.”




Top Headline
Playing  with Fire on Iran Agreement

Barack Obama and John Kerry are playing with fire. They presumably want Congress and the American public to accept the nuclear agreement they and four other governments struck with Iran, but they work against their own objective by accepting the false premise of their opponents: namely, that Iran's regime is untrustworthy, dangerous, bent on becoming a nuclear power -- and containable...

The International Criminal Court is unfit for purpose

by Dr. David Hoile

The debate that has opened up regarding the International Criminal Court as a consequence of South Africa's decision not to arrest Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir while he was attending the recent African Union summit in Johannesburg and Palestine's successful application to join the court is long overdue.

Pope decrees full Carbon Price

A full Carbon Price (Carbon Tax) on greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution is required to stop GHG pollution that is killing the Biosphere and threatening Humanity. Pope Francis in his 2015 Encyclical Letter “Laudato si” demands that a “fully borne” Carbon Price be emplaced on greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution in order to prevent “millions of premature deaths”.

The International Criminal Court: More Than a Courtroom

Last year the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) declined to open a formal investigation in to the attack on the ‘Gaza Flotilla’. In her decision she made it clear that whilst Israel was almost certainly culpable of having committed war crimes, the allegations did not satisfy the gravity threshold for an international investigation. That decision has been...

When is a Judge not a Judge?

by Muhammad Molla

There are often many questions to be asked during a criminal trial. However, invariably such questions concern the procedure, the evidence and perhaps a witness.

A traffic jam in the middle of the desert

by Adam Keller

The rendezvous was scheduled for 11:30 am, outside the Arlozorov Street Railway Station in Tel Aviv. I arrived at 11:35. "Three buses have already been filled, but don’t worry – the fourth bus will soon arrive" said the organizers’ representative. "There will be a place for anyone who wants to go to the protest in Susiya."



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Criminalizing Resistance Violates International Law

by Shawn Robinson

The truth about stone throwing as a form of resistance is that it is not an equal encounter between the thrower and the thrower’s quarry. Do not however minimize the power of stone throwing as stones can gravely injure or kill their intended targets.

Dealing with the Cops

Everyone has to do some serious soul-searching when it comes to dealing with the cops. This is especially true for African-Americans, given that police departments seem to have attracted a disproportionate share of racial bigots to that line of work.

More the Merrier

Got to congratulate Donald Trump for how fast he’s become more annoying to the Republican Party than a mouse in an air conditioning unit. Like that popcorn husk that gets stuck in the back of your molars and you can’t pry it out with a cord of toothpicks. Almost as grating as the Kars for Kids commercial.

Are immigrants stealing American jobs?

by Amer Zahr

I'm an immigrant, sort of.

I was born in Jordan in 1977. My mother came to America from her Palestinian hometown of Akka in the 1960s as a teenager with her family. She became a naturalized US citizen during that time. Then, she me met my father during college in California, and they moved to Amman after they got married in 1976.

Was Donald Trump Right About John McCain?

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump set off a firestorm within the conservative community by suggesting that former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain shouldn’t be considered a war hero just for being captured during the Vietnam War. Apparently Trump has survived the firestorm because he’s still topping the Republican polls.

Cleveland Police Attack Black Activists

Blacks know Jim Crow remains virulent in America - 1960s civil rights laws did nothing to curb police brutality largely against Black and Brown people. On Friday through Sunday, hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists from around the country met in Cleveland for the inaugural Movement for Black Lives convention.



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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