Friday, September 19, 2014
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Deaths as multiple bombs rock Baghdad Three suicide car bombs were detonated in the Shia Baghdad neighbourhood of Kadhimiya followed by 12 mortar rounds fired from outside the district, killing at least 23 people and wounding 56 people, security sources said.
Houthi rebels push into Yemeni capital Houthi rebels have pushed into Yemen's capital Sanaa after clashing with government-allied forces in the city's northwest outskirts.
#Ukraine leader appeals to US for lethal aid Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has appealed to the US Congress to give his soldiers lethal military equipment for their fight against pro-Russian separatists, saying that one cannot win the war or keep the peace with blankets and night vision goggles.
#Scotland counts tight independence vote Counting of votes is under way in Scotland after millions cast their ballots in an epic independence referendum to choose whether to end the 307-year-old union with England and become an independent nation or stay within the United Kingdom - a decision which could have consequences outside Britain.

International Law vs U.S. Democratic Practice

International LawThe Importance of International Law

International law is vital to the welfare of every man, woman and child on this planet, although the vast majority of them do not know this is so. The vital aspect lies in the fact that the universally applicable nature of human rights - which prohibit such actions as the use of torture, arbitrary arrest and detention while supporting freedom of movement, conscience, cultural rights and the right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being, among other things - has its primary foundation in international law. Examples of this can be found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the various Geneva Conventions.

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Let us See through Our Victims’ Eyes

Palestinian fatherWestern culture prides itself on its civilized behavior, its distaste for vulgarity, its abhorrence of horrid violence, its protection against pornographic disquieting images and, consequently, seeks to hide such unpleasant, uncivilized behavior by blurring disquieting images, removing the vulgar with omissions of letters or blocking the uncultivated or the smutty or the risqué with bleeps, and omitting altogether the dreadful, the appalling, the macabre, or the terrifying. It was not always so.

Read more: Let us See through Our Victims’ Eyes



Top Headline
Confronting ISIL: Why bombing is doomed to fail

by Rachel Shabi

It may have got what it wanted, the group that says we must call it "Islamic State". As it aired videos showing the unconscionable, gruesome beheadings of two US journalists and a British aid worker, the response from the leaders of those respective countries came right on cue.

ISIS, Militarism, and the Violent Imagination

Before ISIS

The beheading of American and British journalists who were being held hostage by ISIS creates a truly horrifying spectacle, and quite understandably mobilizes the political will to destroy the political actor who so shocks and frightens the Western sensibility, which is far from being free from responsibility for such lurid incidents. Never in modern times...

India-China Tango

Part 1

Hurdles and differences highlighted by ignoranti and speculative expectations dilute positive outcome need for patience and resolve to overcome hurdles and perceptions.

Israel's Ruthless Agenda

State terrorism is official policy. So is institutionalized racism, persecution, apartheid worse than South Africa's, and colonization. Israel's occupation is lawless. It's the longest by far in modern times. Military orders control virtually all aspects of Palestinians' lives. They have no rights whatever. They're not wanted. They're considered subhuman. Efforts are made to eliminate...

Is the Foreign-Policy Elite Clueless?

The American foreign-policy elite seems to have no idea what it’s doing.

Americans may believe the government — especially the foreign-policy side — is at least minimally competent, but when one surveys decisions from the last few decades, one has to wonder.

Ukraine and neo-Nazis

by William Blum

Ever since serious protest broke out in Ukraine in February the Western mainstream media, particularly in the United States, has seriously downplayed the fact that the usual suspects – the US/European Union/NATO triumvirate – have been on the same side as the neo-Nazis. In the US it’s been virtually unmentionable. I’m sure that a poll taken in...



Top Headline
ISIS, Scotland and The Politics of Mimicry

Is the fact that half of the Scots want to split from Britain and the news that hundreds of young Muslim Brits are fighting with Jihadi militant groups in Syria connected?

Of course they are. These two social phenomena are intrinsically linked, yet in the intellectual desert in which we live, no one dares to address the subject. The boundaries of our curiosity are limited...

ISIS - a new threat from Middle-East

These medieval marauding brutes of Islamic State of Iraq & Levant need to be stopped on their tracks. Working through a Caliphate these brutes are spreading death and depredation in the areas under their control which they now call simply the Islamic State (IS), after removing the names Iraq and Levant from its earlier avatar.

Gazans fleeing to Europe

'It’s better to die at sea than to die of despair and frustration in Gaza,’ says resident of Strip.

Haaretz reports that: “Thousands of Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip for Europe using tunnels, traffickers and boats.” The following is a devastating glimpse into the continuous ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Europe is silent about it, the Western media is...

Perpetual Fear under Empire

Lots of Americans are extremely upset about ISIS. They’re not sleeping well, and they’re pacing the floors. They are convinced that ISIS is coming to get them, drag them from their homes, cart them away to some Arabian desert, and behead them.

The Supreme Court’s Abrogation of Responsibility on Declaring War

Everyone agrees that under our system of government, the Constitution requires the president to secure a declaration of war from Congress before he can legally wage war. Everyone also agrees that presidents have violated this constitutional restriction on power several times, especially since World War II.

We'll Never Learn

America is on the verge of another "Crusade". Of course they are not telling us this directly, but the mass media has lined up its "polls" and has concluded that 90% of Americans want to defeat ISIS or ISIL or IS (whatever). The reason for this is because of the beheadings of two Americans and a Brit. Understandable, right?



Top Headline

Six million Syrians are under imminent threat

The UN warns that the food aid it provides to nearly six million Syrians are under imminent threat because of a shortfall in funding.

The World...


Estimated 15 to 20 ISIL fighters were killed on Wednesday

Aziz Waysi, a commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, has said that a estimated 15 to 20 ISIL fighters were killed on Wednesday, by a combination of...


Hollande ruled out carrying out any military action

French President Francois Hollande ruled out carrying out any military action against Islamic State fighters in Syria on Thursday, but said he had told...


Candidates for the defense and interior ministries

The secretary of the Iraqi parliament, Niyazi Uglo has told Iraqiyah state television that the parliament has not received the names of the new candidates...


Syrian government helicopter gunships attack

Activists say Syrian government helicopter gunships have attacked a northern town held by Muslim militants, killing at least a dozen people and wounding...

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