Sunday, September 25, 2016
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'Ferocious' air strikes pummel Aleppo as ground gained UNICEF says nearly two million people without water as jets continue pounding Aleppo and Syrian army advances.
Kashmir: Protests erupt after man killed by army Young man killed by Indian army ignites fresh protests in northern Kashmir as uprising in valley continues.
UK: Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest Veteran socialist wins second mandate to run opposition party after bitter, summer-long battle within the Labour Party.
US: Five killed in mall shooting in Washington state Police say gunman is still at large after five people shot dead in shopping mall rampage.

Deplorables, Delusionals and Demagogues United by a Flawed Foreign Policy

trump-supportersIf you are an alien, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, looking at our nation these days, you would be scratching your head trying to figure out why our country is known as the USA and not the DPA (Disunited Peoples of America). Only thing that appears to unite us – not all but most – is the love of empire and pride in a corporate-military war machine that mercilessly sucks a great part of our economic, intellectual and moral resources; truly impoverishing our people and making Americans, friends of some but enemies of most people around the world.



There Is Nothing Unusual About Ignorance

Gary JohnsonThe vast majority of people “live locally.” Wherever they are residing, that is the arena of their life, and it is that environment that they know best. Even up-and-coming American political leaders are subject to this rule. This became embarrassingly obvious when, on 8 September 2016, Gary Johnson made his now famous faux pas.




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The Saga of Sisyphus

Shimon Peres is a genius. A genius of impersonation. All his life he has worked on his public persona. The image replaced the man. Almost all the articles written about him since he fell ill are about the imagined person, not the real one.

Testing for the Mental Disabilities of U.S. Presidential Candidates

I would have hoped that any sensible American citizen would by now have been sufficiently scared by Donald Trump’s morbid flights of fancy, high school playground style bullying, outlandish threats and bluffs, unrealistic and unsavory promises to crush enemies and enrich workers, to put aside all their concerns about alternative candidates and refuse any temptation to cast a...

A Warming of US/Turkish Relations?

It may seem a bit strange that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Barack Obama had to travel all the way to Hangzhou, China to take a welcome step toward restoring good relations between the two countries. But this is the way with 21st century diplomacy.

Colonia Dignidad

If you want to get a glimpse of what life is like under a military dictatorship that has been installed into power by the U.S. national-security establishment and that is later supported by U.S.-taxpayer-funded foreign aid, check out a great movie titled Colonia, a 2015 romantic thriller...

After David Cameron we are left only with mistakes

The inequality and hardship that Cameron actively exacerbated in the UK made the EU referendum impossible to win.

It Can Happen Here

Zionism was a revolutionary idea. It proposed that the "Jewish people" should create a new Jewish entity in the land of Palestine. The Zionist project was very successful indeed. By 1948 the embryo nation was strong enough to create a state. Israel was born.



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Health Wars

We, the American People, should pat ourselves on the back for having survived a multitude of presidential battles this year. So far we’ve ducked mud thrown during the Little Hands Wars, the Naked Wives Wars, the Bigotry Wars, the Qualification Wars, the Crazier than a Wombat in a Centrifuge Wars, and now a brand new phase: the Health Wars. Open those umbrellas folks, because...

More Terrorist Blowback in NY and NJ

It’s becoming a familiar story. More U.S. killings in the Middle East, followed by a terrorist attack on American soil, followed by more U.S. killings in the Middle East, which then engenders more terrorist blowback, followed by more U.S. killings in the Middle East.

9/11 - a U.S. Conspiracy against a peaceful World

15 years ago, on September 11, 2001, a colossal crime in the U. S. shocked the world. Apparently, Islamic extremists in the name of Osama bin Laden should have been responsible for the attacks against the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon.

Neocon Infested Washington Hands Israel’s Killing Machine $38 Billion

Israel far and away is the largest recipient of US geopolitical handouts - a new $38 billion package agreed to over the next decade, $3.8 billion annually, up from $3.1 billion currently begin in 2018 after the current agreement expires. Netanyahu wanted $4.5 billion. He’ll likely get it.

Why Gary Johnson Isn’t in the Debates

The 15 percent rule that is going to prevent Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson from participating in the presidential debates is so flagrantly ludicrous that it doesn’t even pass a smell test.

Capitalism's Devotional Song

"The conservative refrain goes something like this: "If only things were left to the free market and we liberated ourselves from government's meddlesome regulations, then we would see how beautifully a pure capitalism works.”



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