Monday, March 30, 2015
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Sisi says Arab nations to create joint military force Egypt's president says heads of states at Arab League summit have agreed to begin forming joint unit of 40,000 troops.
Saudi Arabia claims success in airstrikes on #Yemen Gulf kingdom's top army officer says airstrikes into Yemen have pushed Houthi rebels out of contested air bases.
#Nigeria heads back to polls after extension of voting Record number of voters turn out despite Boko Haram threat, but technical malfunction force officials to extend voting.
Kerry cancels return to US as #Iran talks deadline looms US Secretary of State skips event in Boston to ensure deal on Iran's nuclear programme is agreed by March 31.

Regime Change: US’ Failing Weapon of International Deception

maduroFor years, Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried,” has served as Americans’ last word in any political discussion which requires validation of the US government, no matter how corrupt or flawed in its behavior, as the best in the planet, comparatively or by default. Never mind the meaning that Mr. Churchill had intended back in 1947, or how the international political panorama has changed during the past seven decades.



Israel Goes to the Polls

netanyahuThe Israeli Public Speaks

Elections are public windows onto national hopes and concerns, and this was certainly the case with the March 2015 voting in Israel. You just have to look through that window with analytical eyes to assess those national yearnings in their essential details.




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The Mistakes of the Global Imperial State and the Others

It was pointed out to me that the oddities of reconciliation without truth that I encountered in the Philippines with respect to the persisting prominence of the Marcos family despite the widespread discrediting of his period of ruler ship (1965-1986) is not as strange as I made it appear. After all, Jeb Bush has recently announced his intention to seek the presidency of the United...

Fourth Anniversary of the Syrian Crisis

- The Need to End Impunity and Move to Accountability -

In March 2011 hundreds (and then thousands) of Syrian citizens started a series of peaceful protests across the Syrian Arab Republic, starting in Dara’a, the cradle of the revolution, calling for democratic reforms. The response of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his autocratic Government however was...

Israel's self-destruction path

The 2015 election was a giant step towards the self-destruction of Israel. The decisive majority has voted for an apartheid state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, in which democracy will slowly disappear. The decision is not yet final. Israeli democracy has lost a battle. It has not yet lost the war.

Change Versus Continuity in the Philippines

After more than 30 years I recently spent a week in the Philippines, giving a few arranged talks at universities, meeting with NGOs, and old friends who shared their understanding of this fascinating fast growing country of approximately 105 million people living on an archipelago that consists of more than 7,107 islands. Additionally, of course, Manila is a mega-city that exhibits...

A guide to understanding our times

Review of Recollection of Things Learned By Gaither Stewart

Gaither Stewart is a man of passions. In The Europe Trilogy he shared with us his passion for international espionage and intrigue. In Voices from Pisalocca he shared his passion for village life in his adoptive country, Italy. In The Fifth Sun he shared his passion for Native-American mythology. Now in Recollection...

Netanyahu's sorry excuse for an apology

by Rachel Shabi

As apologies go, the Israeli prime minister's isn't winning any sincerity awards. Benjamin Netanyahu had, on the day of national elections last week, warned about "Arabs voting in droves", in a shockingly cynical - and successful - attempt to win votes by scaremongering about Israel's 20 percent Palestinian population.



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Dangerous Nuclear Armed Israel Blasts Iran's Peaceful Program

Netanyahu and other Israeli officials suppress information on its longstanding nuclear weapons program - an arsenal with thermonuclear ones and long-range delivery capability able to incinerate entire cities. On Sunday, Netanyahu railed against Iran's known peaceful nuclear program as a March 31 deadline approaches to reach a preliminary framework deal ahead of a June 30 final...

If a Nuclear Bomb Hits New York

What would happen if just one 800-kiloton nuclear warhead  was detonated above midtown Manhattan? (The Russians are reputed to have 10 such weapons trained on the city. And we threaten their cities in a like manner.) This chilling account was delivered at a recent Caldicott Foundation For A Nuclear Free Future conference held at the New York Academy of Medicine.

More US-Sponsored Middle East Aggression

Washington already turned Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria into free-fire cauldrons of violence, instability and chaos. It partners with Israel's long war on Palestine. It backs the most of the world’s worst tinpot despots - all Middle East ones. It's responsible for millions of deaths and appalling human suffering. It's now using Saudi and other thuggish Gulf states as imperial...

Mandatory Voting: A Bad Idea

President Obama thinks that forcing us to vote might be a good idea. That he could favor punishing people for not voting -- which means taking their money by force and imprisoning or even shooting them if they resist -- is unsurprising.

Hindu fringe out against Church

The other day as one opened the newspapers one found that one essential difference between India and Pakistan had been obliterated by events in the two countries.

Defrocked US General Blames Iran for US Crimes in Iraq

Blaming others for its own crimes is longstanding US policy. Lunatic active duty, retired and defrocked Pentagon generals lie like their government counterparts. David Petraeus is one of the worst. On March 20, the neocon Washington Post headlined "Petraeus: The Islamic State isn't our biggest problem in Iraq."



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Saudi-led coalition

A Saudi-led coalition of 10 countries has launched air strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen.

Some numbers on the military action:



Hadi arrives in Egypt

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrived in Egypt for an Arab League summit that will focus on the Saudi-led military campaign against the Houthis.


Al Jazeera condemns attack on Sanaa bureau

Al Jazeera Media Network condemns the invasion of Houthi rebels on its bureau in Sanaa on Thursday. Armed Houthis stormed the bureau as guards reported...


Saudi Arabia and Gulf allies

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have presented powerful members of the UN Security Council with suggested elements for a resolution that would impose...


Turkey's President's President

Turkey's President has said his country is willing to provide logistical and intelligence support to the Saudi-led coalition's operations in Yemen, crticising...



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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